Standing beside a stack of boxes on the driveway of his new home, Kei rubbed his eyes and watched the departing vehicles disappear around a corner. With a sigh and a tinkling of silver around his neck, he hoisted two boxes up and walked toward his new front door.

Noting the nameplate from the previous owners, Kei peered at it on his way in, but it was smudged and obviously quite old, and, most importantly, illegible.

All of his furniture was lightweight and uncomplicated, in case he wished to rearrange it at any time. This also meant moving into the house could be done by himself. His feet thudded on the stairs as he moved toward his bedroom; the house was two-bedroom, although fairly small. As he didn't have many guests, the second bedroom was to be his computer room. This was the equipment he was currently carrying in the boxes.

Stacking the boxes near the doorway, Kei walked back outside and retrieved what looked like a long, oddly shaped, vaguely flat object and another, larger box. Reaching the room again, he unfolded it into an ingeniously structured self-supporting L-shaped table and laid his PET on it, before bringing the rest of the boxes into his living room and locking the door.

Deus stirred.

Are you done yet?

Yeah. I had my 'net connected a few days before arrival, so I should be able to jack in with no problem.

Very well.

Kei walked over to the boxes and began unpacking a complicated assortment of wires and peripherals, and finally the computer itself. It had a very thin screen connected to a strange-looking tower; it seemed to be composed of half-size CPUs linked together. There were five in all, two on each side and one under the monitor.

The power cord connected to the wall, Kei tapped the power panel and the PC hummed to life.

Jack in.