Suien Matsumoto groaned as he sat up in bed, clutching his forehead as the blood rushed from his head to his chest. His gut churned unhappily, and his sinuses were painfully clear, to the point where each breath stung his irritated throat as he drew them in. A sharp throbbing pain exploded from behind his eyeballs, and the dark-haired netOp frowned and squinted — partially from the unrelenting brightness of the sun shining through his apartment window, and partially from the persistent migraine that assaulted all five senses. Sighing as he rose to his feet, swaying slightly as he stood, Suien proceeded to move slowly toward the bathroom mirror in a slow, shuffling motion. Supporting himself on the counter with both palms, he gazed into the bloodshot eyes of his unshaven reflection, realizing at once the nature of his present condition.

There's question about it, he grimaced I am oh so very hungover.

Though it pained him to do so, Suien managed to somehow brush his teeth and get his glasses onto his face. After nearly knocking over a decorative plant on his way out of the bathroom, the dark-haired netOp managed to stumble all the way to the refrigerator. His eyes narrowed as he surveyed the choices lined up in a neat row in front of him. Milk, eggs, juice... man, I need to get to the market. he thought disgustedly as he groggily withdrew two eggs and the half-empty carton of orange juice, placed them on the counter, and turned on his stove. A few minutes later, he placed the eggs one at a time into the skillet, cooking them over easy as he idly glanced around his apartment. That's when he noticed the PET module sitting idly on his counter, its processors clicking away by itself. At first, Suien didn't think much of it, flipping the eggs deftly with one hand while clutching his head with the other. That's nice, he thought, his mind still fuzzy, It looks like Rass just stepped out for some fresh air. Wonder when he'll be back...

It wasn't until the eggs were already on his plate and the juice poured and ready when he realized exactly what it meant for a navi to "step out for some fresh air." Scrambling over to his PET and staring at the small device in horror, he opened up the PET's data scanner and frantically ran a search for Rass.EXE. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap" he muttered as the small machine conducted a long-range network scan, "Dammit Rass, it is way too early in the morning to be dealing with this." One small beep later, and Suien's jaw dropped when he saw the search results.