In the surburbs of ACDC lies a house. It's no different from any of the other two story houses. Except for the occupants, two of which were out already, leaving one all by himself.

Enter James Noble.

Who is currently waking up. He yawned to himself for a while before heading to the bathroom to do what people do in the mornings. Brush teeth, take shower, etc.

James, for the most part was like any other ordinary teenager, except his hair and eyes, really. He had two parents, (both workaholics) a PET with a custom made Navi, and no direction in life. Born to two fairly high positioned SciLabs researchers, James is richer than the normal kid, although his parents tell him to earn his own money, as a life lesson. With nothing better to do, James grabbed his PET and set off into the day, hopefully he'd get some money.