What to do with him. . .

Rose Dunrae sat alone in her room. Alone, that is, with the exception of her new NetNavi, Mokusei. She sat staring at the PeT in her lap, which was powered down. She hadn't really met Mokusei yet, but knew that she'd have to turn it on eventually. She had never had a custom Navi before.

Only a month earlier, she had been begging her parents to buy her a custom Navi, but had had to wait until her birthday. According to her father, he was styled after the ninja from stories. As a result, she had decided to name him in Japanese, which she had translated from a dictionary. She couldn't think of any kind of moves to give him, so she decided on Roman mythology, which was one of her favorite subjects.

And now, after doing all this programming, she finally had to activate him. What will he be like? she wondered. Well, there's one way to find out.

And with that she flipped the switch to turn it on. As she saw the screen flash to life, she watched the white ninja appear, and smiled. "Hello, Mokusei, I'm Rose, and I'm your new operator." Rose greeted him cheerfully.

He made a breath of acceptance, and looked back at her. Rose awaited an answer, but after a few awkward moments, she decided to stop waiting. "What? You're not going to introduce yourself?" she asked. Mokusei shook his head, a clear "no."

"Why not?" She asked, " Come on, answer me." she said, now slightly confused and frustrated. Is he broken or something? she wondered.

"What for, you know everything you need to." He replied. Oh great, so I got an antisocial navi. Rose thought to herself. "Well, would it hurt you to speak a little more?"

"No." was Mokusei's curt reply. "And if you wish for me to speak more, I suppose I could try and be a little less taciturn."

"Thank you." Rose said, happy once more. "So, what should we do? You know, is there anything that people usually do with Navis when they first meet them?" she was new to this, and wanted to know if he had any suggestions.

Mokusei looked back at her, "People will usually test their navis out, and have them perform some sort of action that they would usually. Like delivery, or virus busting."

Well, at least he's informative. Rose thought, looking on the bright side, But a little dry. Oh well, maybe he'll warm up to me eventually. "Okay, so let's put you through a test. I'll jack you into the web, and you can bust some viruses." She said. After Mokusei nodded in approval, rose walked over to her desk. Picking up her laptop, which was pink like her pet, she walked back to her bed. Sitting cross-legged on her bed, she turned on her laptop, and sent Mokusei into ACDC Net.
As Mokusei reappeared in his PeT, Rose started to speak. "Allright, I guess that was okay. But you better do better next time."

Mokusei had barely begun recharging when he heard this. What is she talking about? I did all the work! What a little brat. he fumed. "Sure thing." he said, through gritted teeth.

"Oh, sounds like someone's a little angry? Not so secure about your short-comings?" Rose teased in reply.

Mokusei decided not to reply. He quickly counted backwards from ten to calm himself. Whatever, I guess I'll just have to keep my mouth shut. I'll show her on the net, next time.

"Oh, not responding? That's okay, too." Rose said wioth a smile. I hope I didn't really offend him. Oh well, he sems to be just dealing with it. I guess that's the way he is. "So, you ready to start again?" she asked, as soon as she saw that he was fully healed again.

"Yes." Mokusei answered, ready to begin once more. Maybe this time I'll get her to admit how incredibly I do. he thought.

"Okay then, Jack in." Rose said, as she sent Mokusei into ACDC net.