Nobody Panic....PLEASE!!!!

Aida moved down the road giving a small sigh as she had a conversation on the phone. "'s n-not that I'm afraid...i-its just so sudden...are y-you trying to get o-out of something? O-Okay...w-well I'll th-think about it..." She slowly shut off the call.

"What was that all about?" Capuchin asked receiving a sigh.

"My c-cousin..."

"Oh I get it. Well don't let him walk all over ya. He thinks he's so high and mighty. Well he's nothing compared to you!"

"Th-thanks, but he r-really doesn't a-act rude to me." She halted for a moment and began to make her way to the park. " about we go n-net battling?"
Aida moved down to teh park with Capuchin cheeping happily all the way. It became a bit loud for Aida though she still gave out a happy smile.

" enough."

"awww come on Aida!" Capuchin begged, "Join me! It's fun."

Aida made herself comfortable on a bench and replied, "How about ins-instead...we n-net battle?"

"EVEN BETTER!" Capuchin cheered as Aida jacked her into a phone booth next to her.
There was a soft clack as Aida set the chips back into her bag. Capuchin soon after had jacked out and revealed a happy look on her face. She was quite excited to be going out on their little shopping trip. "Say Aida..." She began with a happy tone, "Where to first? Chip shop?"

Aida just picked up the PET and gave a shake opf her head. "I'm sorry Capuchin but not today. W-we are g-going to the shop at sci l-labs first. It's about time we get you some u-upgrades." After she had spoken, she moved toward the metro having Capuchin speaking happily about so many things they could buy there.