Looking for Group

Chris was walking around ACDC, making sure to walk by the Chip Store with the intention of buying chips, but realizing, with a frown, that he didn't have enough to buy anything. This sucks, he thought. How am I gonna get any stronger without decent chips? I need more money. He then remembered that Virii sometimes dropped money when they were deleted. Maybe I should go busting! He thought. He suggested this to Nitro, but the Navi said that he didn't want to do it by himself.
"We've been here for I don't know how long, and we haven't met a single person!"
"Alright, alright." Chris said. "We'll go over to the park, see if anyone wants to bust with us." Chris then turned on the spot and headed toward the local park, not knowing who he would meet.
While looking around, Sharmandra sees another person who appeared to be looking for a partner. Or, at least, awkwardly idley standing, trying to use body language to atact peopl. He walks up to him, "You're lonely too?"
Chris turned around to see a somewhat taller person talking to him."Oh, hi," he said. "Um, yeah, I was just looking for someone to go busting with. I'm Chris, by the way. Chris Harper." He added. At the same time he thought I knew akward body language would work!
Sharmandra smile, "Good, otherwise this would be RRREEEAAALLLYYY awkward. The name's Sharmandra. My Navi's Cyon. So you virus bust? Personally, I'm kinda new to the whole thing."
Damian looked around the park for someone to bust with, noting two guys talking together, he decided to see what they were up to. casually walking up to them, Damian forced a smile (unfortunatly, it probably made his face more twisted than nice) and said, "did I hear someone talking about busting? I'm damian, and void could probably help out no matter what your up against."

<real nice peoople skills...> Void muttered darkly from Damians belt...
Chris looked towards the one that was talking to him and Sharmandra and thought to himself that Damian's name definately suited his apperance. Dressed in all black and his pale face twisted into an attempt at a smile, Chris could tell that he wasn't a "sunshine and rainbows" kind of guy. Still, if he was willing to make make friends, or at least go busting with them, he couldn't be that bad.
"Hi." Chris said. "I'm Chris. Me and Sharmandra," he indicated his companion, "were just talking about busting, and it'd be great if you joined us." He turned back to Sharmandra. "Yes, I do have some experience with busting, so if you have any problems, I'd be glad to help."
Sharmandra laughs, "I'll have problems, but Cyon won't. He's smart." He turns to Damian, "Nitro... sounds cool. What's he like?"
Damian returned the question with a coy smile,"trust me void specializes in stopping virri in their tracks..."

"...I just hope you don't have any bad dreams from it"
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Sharmandra frowns, "Sound's efficient. This is assuming it's male, but can I see him?" He lowers his voice a bit, "And would he be interested in befirending CYon?"
"Sure you can see him," Damian said, handing Void's pet over for a look,"The whole 'friendship' thing is what we're here for..."

As you get a look at the PET's screen, you see a silhouette of a navi with glowing yellow eyes looking back at you. after a while he gives a silent wave. He seems to be ok, but the way damian says 'friend' seems a little... off.
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Sharmandra nods and hands the PET back. "Creepy, no offense. But seems nice. And I'm gld you're here to make friends, cuz I need'em." He decides to play off Damian's emphasis on friendship as simple paranoia.
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Damian's face softened a bit now that he had been accepted, "So when are we going to get started on the busting? Your friend seems awfully quiet..."
Sharmandra nods, "I'mready when you are." He turns to his other partner, "Chris, eady?"
Chris gave his head a quick shake. He had spaced out for a bit, and had only taken in bits and pieces of what the other two were saying. "What?" He asked. "Oh, right, busting. Sure, we'll head out now."
But just as he said this, a slightly muffled voice came from his pocket.
"Hey!" Said the voice. "Aren't you gonna introduce me? I am your navi after all."
"Oh! Right! Everyone, this is my navi Nitro." Chris took out his PET and showed everyone the green explosives expert, who dipped down into a deep bow.
"How do you do?" Nitro said.
While Nitro made his rather getlemanly introduction, Chris glanced at Damian's PET. Why couldn't he see his navi properly? It was probably just a glare on the screen, but something told Chris that there wasn't much else to see. Chris gave an almost unnoticable shudder.
Nodding in approval at nitro, Damian starts to look around. " Where are we going to jack in? I can't imagine many computers in the park..."
Sharmandra shrugs, "Uuhh... I dunno, I guess we could go to my place... Oh, Nitro, hi, by the way. I dunno where Cyon is, y'all can meeet him online. Or, we can look for something that it doesn't look like you can jack into, but is still manmade. They always have goods in'em. Doesn't quite make sense to me."
"That would explian why ops are always bhaning out bthe the statue..." Damian, pointed at the stone duck in the pond, "...Mabey we should check it out"

Walking over, he notices that there is a few ports in the front of the duck, And decides to jack in there. "There is one here! last one in is a rotten corp-- I mean egg..."
Chris walked over to the stone duck beside Damian and jacked Nitro in. If he didn't get much money from this, at least he would make a couple new friends.

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