Afternoon at Home

As Connor laid upon his bed, head propped p on the foot board, he felt incredibly peaceful. Staring ahead, out his second floor window, at a tree whose leaves vibrated slowly in the wind; back and forth . . . back and forth. . .

And with this feeling of total peace, tranquility, and serenity, came a certain desire to just shut his eyes and fall asleep. He could feel his eye lids becoming heavy, his thoughts becoming slowed, and his mind drifting away. His eyes closed, all became quiet, then:

"Chief!" the word was shouted, coming from his bed-side table. It shocked Connor very suddenly from his rather brief rest. It had come from Force. "Wha-What? What happened?" Connor inquired, with a small amount more volume than necessary, as he had just been asleep. He wiped his mouth out of habit.

"Oh, nothing." Force said, smiling. "I just wanted to make sure you weren't asleep."

Well, I'm not anymore. Connor thought to himself, rolling his eyes quickly as he spoke to his Navi friend. "Well then, if sleepings no good, what do you suggest we do?"

"Well, Chief," Force started, "You, of course, have final say, but I was thinking that I haven't gone on patrol in a while, and freeing the world of a few more ne'er-do-wells would be fun."

"Ah, so you want to go and deal with some potential threats?" Connor rephrased. He knew his navi well enough to get through his slightly strange manner of speech.

"Affirmative!" Force said, bringing his hand up to his forehead in salute. Yay, This is going to be so much fun! he thought, excitedly, barely able to keep himself from jumping up in down.

"Alright then, I'm sure it'll be fun." Connor said, as he headed towards his PC. I like Virus Busting. Besides, anything's better than sitting around all day doing nothing. "You ready?"

"Check." Force confirmed.

Connor was ready as well, and as such he began. "Alright then, Jack in!"
As Force was returned to his usual inhabitance of Connor's PeT, Connor spoke. "Hey, Force, I've heard about these things that they're selling down at the Science Labs. They're called Process upgrades, and they're supposed to make Navis stronger. I thought of them after we got our Zenny. They're only 100 apeaice, plus another 100 for each one you already have. I think we should go and buy one, what do you say?"

Force allowed everything to process, and wrapped his head around all this info. "Oh, sounds great. Any way I can better myself will better my chances to better the society." he said, and chuckled at himself.

"Ok, sounds like a plan then." Connor said.

"Wait. I have a question." Force chimed after thinking for a little while. "If we have 300 zenny, and its 100, and then 100 more than 100 for every one you have, can't we buy 2?"

Connor hadn't thought that Force would have gotten the math, and was pleasently surprised. "Actually, while we have enough, the amount of process upgrades we can install are limited by how strong you are. And you're not strong enough to handle two yet."

Force nodded in acceptance. "Okay, that makes sense, Cheif."

Connor headed out of his room and walked downstairs. Running and sliding across the floor into the kitchen, he quickly looked around. After finding a pen and paper, he started scribbling a note to his parents about how he'd be home soon, and was just heading don to the Science Labs to buy sonething. After all, I'm home alone, and my parents would worry if they came home to an empty house without a note. he thought.

He headed to the front door and slid his feet into his shoes, and tied them. He then grabbed his keys and bus pass, walked outside, and locked the door.

"To the Science Labs! We need to hurry!" Force said. Connor found himself picking up speed on his way to the bus stop, even though there really was no need. Force, you're so funny sometimes. he thought to himself, as he arrived at the bus stop.


Before long, he was boarding the bus. It drove steadily, and before he knew it he had arrived at his destination.