Keera could only reminisce in wait as she had traveled through Cyber space as Keera jacked in at this point. She had thought about their conversation...all that was said in words of minutes in a second of thought.

A truly disappointing Dilemma...a navi of mine becoming so connected with others. Keera had thought about the scenario that night. Why did the cross system actually exist, further more, why do others desire to know her better to obtain such a degrading system. Was it because of Empress's power? Yes, that had to be it. The thought of crossing with a navi that controlled cyber matter and cyber space because of the compositional make up of her and her NetOp being so strong that it was like telekinesis through the very fabric of cyber space with a bound logic of two beings being used as a force to control the network through will. Someone else who had that unique ability other than her would surely activate an undeniable hatred for someone who robbed her of what was left as her "unique" proof of existence other than the metal arm under her own flesh.

"To share a power so strong means to rob you of your identity, and for if this power is spread among another soul, then that means we pass our soul onto another, but in the end...that is all we have." Keera's words had sat upon Empress who simply listened silently. She was mostly in the train of thought just as her NetOp was. If she dare made a bond with others, then that would mean Keera would no longer exist.

Really, what is Keera' existence rather than a brain that's holding onto a faux body that has been disfigured in many ways. Her right arm was always cold and barely had feeling as not even the flesh was real. It was so sensitive that it would melt off at times if she over done her self. Her spine was nothing more than some of the most complicated cables ran along a clipped and welded flexing metal as well as a the bone marrow left over from her humanity that aids in carrying nerves and signals in the name of "efficiency" which was used as a term to put a positive out-look on her curse. Her blood was composed of nano technology at some parts as if they were being faux blood to her vessel. Yes...what was humane about Keera's existence anymore? Was she even human? Did this vessel even have a soul anymore?

"Madam Keera..." Empress had mustered a few words as she had called the name of her master from the electronic voice originating from her PET. "What is it, Empress?" her voice sounded more of a groan than a replying question. The navi was silent as she had simply stared off into the alley ways of ACDC from the view of her PET that had hung form Keera's side. The NetOp becoming upset by the sudden silence snatched her PET from her side and viewed the screen to see Empress showing an angry scowl on her own face. "What?" she repeated with her question more shrewd.

"I is best for us to make bonds." Keera could only smile and then laugh with delight. The NetOp was simply amused by the sound of Empress's question. Of course she saw this coming, because they were electronically in sync with their minds often to know what they were thinking, but even Keera had to admit..."Is this a joke? Have you finally discovered humor to share it with me? I'm surprised and yet this amuses me. What is it that we shall gain from bonds with these humans, and peons of this world at that!" Keera said as she had awaited Empress's answer getting an empty look from the navi that only stared at her.

"Ms. you feel...alone?" Empress asked suddenly making the laughing expression freeze to only show her teeth. "Is that your feeling...Ms. Keera?" Empress repeated as the show of Keera's teeth finally had disappeared by the frown of her sealed lips. Her eyes brows and sloped to show her surfacing anger as she couldn't find a word to respond to that statement.

"You reject your ties of humanity, because of what a few mere parts and modifications has made you, but no matter how much I've changed from an experimental navi to an incomplete goddess...still...I find that I am a netnavi. This makes me feel...separate...and...alone." Keera had looked towards Empress with a look of disgust to hear her navi speak as she did. She had narrowed her eyes' gaze sharply.

" disgust me Empress. You try to compare yourself to me... for the sake of finding yourself to toss your weak heart upon the live of another." Keera had said as she motioned to place her PET back onto her side. "No...that place my life on another...rather to find strength and meaning." Keera stood frozen as her cybernetic eyes had shown a stream of purple that was dark and didn't even glow even though they passed through her corneas and pupils. The night was silent, and behind a faint wind that blew Keera's dress sill and hair into the breeze, chaos soon followed as Empress spoke again letting her first question begin a storm of questions and forcing impulsed answers.

"What is it that you want?"

"I don't want anything! Not form them!"

"Why is it that you reject your own kind?"

"My own kind rejected me!"

"Why is it that you claim you've been rejected?"

"Because it's the truth!"

"Is it the world's truth or is it your lie?"

"It's my...It's the truth of this world! I've been forsaken!"

"By whom?"

"By everyone!"

"How many is everyone?"

"This world is everyone!"

"You lie..."

"They have rejected me!"

"You lie..."

"They've all rejected what I am because I've met them all..."

"You lie..."

"Know your place Empress!"

"Stop running away!"

"What the hell am I running away from?" Keera had cried and slammed her fist into the ground as her right hand had broken the concrete of the street. Her right arm half deep into the earth as she shattered the ground to the point where her right arm was torn asunder. The fake skin had started to slowly melt away. It was there, her vain of existence as well as her proof that she was a victim to reality. She had slowly risen to view her right hand. Her palm only had a small sheet of skin remaining right there. It was past midnight and the sound hand sent a shocking shatter to the nearby car. The fence nearby had an opening from the concrete that flew through desecrating the wooden design.

"You're running away from your existence among your kind. Love...hate...envy...most of all jealousy. I've felt these emotions within you for years, and I see you've neglected to remember our synchronicity that allows me to read your thoughts, or was it that you forgot that even your mind has the faintest cloud of your feelings?" Keera was silent. She had taken her PET into her grasp as she placed it into her right hand's palm into the cold metal of her cybernetic arm. She took the opening form her palm and extended a wire from there to the PET's base to connect herself to her PET.

"When the heart is heavy with the storm of sadness...your mind continues to dwell on the dilemma, and even your problems in your sub-consciousness will remain. I've been in the storm of your heart forever Keera...but I always hope to see the smile that will by my sunlight's break amongst the clouds someday." Empress had recited beautifully as she had awaited Empress's commands. "Alright...we shall try things your way...our way..." Keera had agreed as she had pointed to the nearby networking mailbox and then aimed the inferred beam of her PET. "Jack in, Empress.EXE...Power Up!"