A New Begining?

"You know Zolem, I've been thingking about our financial situation." Geyser said while Zolem was sitting in the park. It was his day off and he didn't have anything better to do right now. "I aprove of what you are doing, but I can't help but think that the best solution is for you to continue busting viri."

"What? Why? We get plenty of money from my job to help around the house." Zolem asked, confusion and reluctance aparent in his voice. He never much like net battles, and now this on top of everything else?

"It's not about helping around the house. It's about helping around the net, and helping you. You created me for the purpose of helping others. How am I suposed to do that if I'm too weak to make a difference. After Squalo nearly destroyed me, you stoped netbattling almost entirly. You even sold a lot of my gear to help pay the bills. I don't mind that too much. I even aprove of some of it. But I think it's high time you got back to battling. We could use the gear. What if there is another emergency? Zolem, you have to be prepared." Geyser argued, knowing full well that his operator would complain.

"Geyser, I don't have time for this. I have a job to do and a familly to worry about. Plus, I was never a strong netbattler. Why start now?"

"Because you need the money. If you're puting all you zenny in the bill bin, how are you going to pay for college? Get a car or even just a bike? You need to do this. And not just for the money. Viri attacks have been on the rise, the Cyber Beasts are attacking. You've got to be ready. I can just tell, somthing big is coming." Geyser finished, letting his pronouncment sink in.

Zolem considered the weighty afair. He had always hated net battling, but what if Geyser was right and somthing big WAS coming? Shouldn't he be prepaired? And wouldn't some extra money help him prepare for his own future once the financial crisis was over. Heck, he could even put some of that money in the ;bill bin' to help pay for his lifestyle. "Ok, I'm in. Where are most of the viri coming from right now?"

"The reports say Elec City. I can get there in a flash via the Net Square."

"Alright. Geyser, jack in, download." Zolem says, jacking in through the odd squirl statue public acces port. "I'll never get why it's shaped like a squirl...."
"Oh man, that was hillarious, pelvis on fire, ha! Just the thing I needed to cheer up. So, you gave him the address to contact us if he wants to meet?"

"Yes, I did. So, what are you going to do now?"

Zolem stoped laughing. He needed to seriously think. He had gone into this, seriously expecting to not only fail, but to finnally turn Geyser away from netbattling forever. But now.....he had done well, and maybe made a new freind. He looked at his newfound money, and made his choice. "Lets see what I can buy. A couple PUs are probably best, and maybe an HP memory. Well Geyser, looks like we are back in business."