Resting in ACDC

Adam yawned. It was his first day away from home, and he was already tired. Adam sighed as he wondered how reality could be so different from expectations.

This morning, Adam left home. He wanted adventure. He wanted excitement. He wanted to see what he was made of. So, with nothing but his backpack stuffed with as much food as he could carry, and his PET in his pocket, he walked out.

Adam sighed again, and took a package of graham crackers out and started eating. AdrianX, meanwhile, was itching to get into the network, so he went into a web browser, downloaded "airhorn.wav", and... well, you know what happens next.

Adam yelled as a loud airhorn noise issued from his pocket. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGH!"

Adam took his PET out and glared at AdrianX. AdrianX smirked, and deleted "airhorn.wav".

"Well, it got you to notice me, huh?" AdrianX replied to Adam's glare.

"Maybe it did, but that still wasn't nice." Adam angrily retorted. "Why did you do that?"

"Why do you think? I'm bored! I want to go virus busting, I need some experience."

"Fine, I'll plug you into the net..."

Adam opened a program labeled "jackin.exe", entered a password (which he didn't tell AdrianX, just in case AdrianX had thoughts of running away), and plugged AdrianX into ACDC net.

((Just so you know, in my idea, there are two types of nets: the "old fashioned" one, which is basically the same as the internet now, where you use a web browser to access web pages without using navis, and not having to worry about virii, and the way that is so often used in Battle Network.

Oh, and since my PET is supposed to function like a laptop, of course it can use both versions of the internet. :P))
A sleeping AdrianX appeared in the PET. He snored sleepily, not even noticing that he was no longer in the virus infested network. Adam unplugs the PET from the jack-in point, and walks to the shopping district, anxious to spend the zenny AdrianX earned to upgrade him, so he could get more zenny to get more upgrades to get more zenny to--

Adam stopped this neverending train of thought and just kept to his walking.
Adam returns to his spot in ACDC.

"Hmm. I never realized the beauty of this town before."

Adam admires the town for a few minutes before AdrianX wakes up.

"Ah, you're awake."

"Yes, I'm awake. And I'm ready to FIGHT!"

Adam chuckles. "Well, no time wasted for that! Let's go!"

Adam jacks the PET into the port, and AdrianX is lifted from his cozy home into the expanse of the net.
Adam smirked. "Okay, AdrianX, let's go to Scilabs."

"Right." AdrianX couldn't wait to see what Adam was going to get at Scilabs.

With that, Adam began walking.