Zeen was on the verge of beating an opponent in an online tournament, in the best online game to date. It was the last round of his circut, and his opponent was: His own navi.

While Zeen had both racial and class advantages over his Navi's character, Kobo had equipment and stat advantages. It was almost a fair fight, besides the fact that Kobo's insane actions kept any human player standing to keep themselves concentrated. Zeen feinted an ice bolt before making ice spikes come from the ground. Kobo, however, was moving too fast to be hit. Soon Zeen's online persona was trapped in tangling vines. Everyone cheered as Kobo reluctantly made the final blow. A great party was held afterwards, and Kobo gained new epuipment, and his prize: a free new character for one of the new races.

Zeen jaacked Kobo out and they stared at each other for a bit.

"Does this mean no cookies? I'm sorry for beating you please gimme cookies ;_;"

Zeen laughed, his navi was giving him puppy-dog eyes when he should be happy. "Kobo...your get cookies and then some. You won! Be happy! You won fair and square, so I'm letting you have cookies anywere, and double the cookies tonight!"

Kobo cheered and went to his secret box. It was a rather large box inside the PET area. Right beside the fridge. Kobo came out and hopped up and down.


Zeen smiled "If we hurry and claim the character today, we might meet the other winner!" Kobo was delighted to meet a new friend. He hopped up and down for joy. "Kobo, we need to hurry to electown net and find the station. I'm setting you up to go to the netsquare. We have some time to kill while we are at it, so lets try to find something fun, k'ay?"