The thick wooden door didnt even creak, much to Archard's suprise. Unlike the three steps leading to the porch of his new home, the hinges were well-oiled and silent.

"So you wern't a NetNavi origionally? I thought that Navis not created specifically for the purpose were nigh helpless against viruses ad the dangers of the Net?"

a deep voice sounded out from the PET currently held in his left hand, it faltered slightly when Archard jumped the 4 stairs leading down to the closest Net Port that he knew of, but continued soon after,

"Indeed, I worked as a Service and Repair Program in a corperate enviroment. David stumbled across me while on an internship, and customized be for personal use."

"Err... he could do that? just fiddle around with your programming like that? Your cool with that?"

A sardonic grin came over the Navi's features, slightly spoiled by the sight of his molars visible through his cheek,

"At first no, but he stablized my code enough that I can maintain standard operating levels. A flaw in my replicating data created this effect on my physical avatar. Besides, he seemed to find having a Liche as a navi quite humerous. Ahh, I see we have arrived at our destination."

The Navi's three fingers and knuckle formed a paradoy of quotations when he uttered "Liche", and Archard noticed that he was correct in that they reached their destination.

"Alright Zombieman, i'll let you get your bearings and see how time has updated the Net. i'll see you on the other side."


((Jack In))