Sharmandra's Humble Begginings

"Open it up son." Sharmandra's dad smiled at him warmly. Sharmandra smiled even wider, knowing for sure what the present his dad brought home was. He faced the present and closed his eyes tightly. Be a PET... be a PET... be a PET... please...
He opened his eyes and unwrapped the present, so quickly that he nearly jammed paper in his father's face. He saw its content and let out an odd noice which was obviously an exlamation of joy. It was a PET!
His father smiled, "Better keep your grades up if you wanna keep it. And remember, there are rules to using..." The smile fell off Sharmandra's face. ".. but we can get to them later, enjoy it son."
Sharmandra cheered and ran upstairs. He vowed that by dinner time, he'd be able to show off his present to his mom and show off what he learned to his father. Then he pauses. What if he didn't like the Navi? He shook his head and jacked into his computer upstairs. He'd find out soon enough.
Sharmandra jacks out of his home computer. "Wow, that was crazy! Let me just download some upgrades." He taps some keys on the computer.

>VirtuCom.EXE uploaded- Owner's face appears on a screen next to the Navi.
>INTUpgrade.EXE uploaded- Navi's intelligence is upgraded, including some information on viruses.

"Done." Cyon smiles. "Chips. More. Now." Sharmandra laughs, "I agree, we gotta pump you up!"