Snow Cone Panic

Zolem was sweaping up some spilled salt off of the floor. A customer had accidentaly knocked it off the shelf, and now he was stuck sweeping it up while Mr. Manakuta haggled with said customer on how much he was goig to pay in damages. It was an unusually hot day, and the automated snowcone machine was seeing almost constant use. Zolem's gaze lingered on that a moment longer. Mr. Manakuta was a rarity these days. He owned very little electronic and led a very simple life, running a very simple store. In fact, the only reason he used an automated snowcone machine instead of doing it by hand like he used to is that he was getting to old to do it quickly.

"Hey, what's up with this thing?" one kid cried, snapping Zolem out of his thoughts.
The snowcone machine wouldn't stop shooting out shaved ice, and it was covering the floor and triping up the customers.

"Nobody move, it's broken. Boy! Get over here and fix it! Use your P.E.V. thing!" Mr. Manakuta shouted at Zolem.

'P.E.T.' Zolem mentaly corrected his boss as he hurried over to the machine. The warning light was on. It was a virus attack. "Figures. I've only been here a week and this happens. Well, here we go. Geyser! Jack in! Download!"
Zolem swept up the ice after Geyser had stoped the viri. He swept the salt. He stocked the shelves. HE helped customers whith their groceries. And he kept an eye on the clock. When it finnaly came time to quit, he went over to Mr. Manakuta and received his weeks wages, and as always was payed in cash. And then he walked home. The scene was so normal, nobody suspected otherwise.

When he got home, Zolem found that the power was back on. Good, that ment that things were going better. He took a look at the bills. Most of them were only first notices, so that was an improvment. Ever since the systems in his mother's old firm crashed a couple months ago (some blamed the cyberbeasts) and cost everybody their jobs, she's had a hard time finding a new job that pays well enough. The saving stratagy was really starting to work. With a little help of course. Opening up a cabinet, Zolem put his pay in with the money that was set asside for paying the bills (which was almost depressingly low). His mother didn't know he did this. He'd told her he was saving up for college. He then went to his room after checking in on his brother and mother. Senri was bussy doing his math homeowrk. His mother was asleep after a hard day at work. Laying down on his bed, Zolem stared up at the ceiling. What am I going to do? he wondered. Even if they were doing better, his family was a long way from ok.