Raziels bug/ jacking in.

*walking* "hehe so this is acdc town. wow very quiet." said Sicon while staring around.
<< Well master Sicon this is the beginning of our journey. lets go jack in and look for timmy.>> "your right raziel lets look around in the net system."
<<jhsssssss.........>> "raziel are you there" <<sorry......i think the pet has a bug.>> "thats not possible. I made this one by myself." << i see a jackin point over there.>> "ok. -awaken Raziel and power up- (jack in)
While having the net battle between him qand the spikey/ metool combo. Sicon was paying much more attention to the outside world. meaning all the pretty girls in ACDC town. he thought about walking up to talk to somebody but decided against it because he had to pay attention to his navi Raziel. He was watching him use the zapring chip when he realized......"im out of chips."