The Fox Den

A teenage boy with a broken right arm sits at a computer, typing with his left hand and thinking hard. While in mid-thought, a tiny voice to the left of him said, "So, who's our next victim, Scott?" The voice comes from his PET, inside of which is his navi Kitsune - a three-tailed, large (relatively) fox, who thirst for knowledge is only rivaled by his lust for playing tricks on deserving victims.
"Actually," Scott replied, "I cannot find any evil navis, or any who needs to have excess cockiness removed. "
"So what do we do now," Kitsune asked, growing restless.
"I guess we'll go by our old standby... hunting viruses."
As Scott said this, he jacked the bored fox into ACDC Net.

((EDIT: Tom to Scott, I forgot that Tom was my character's "prototype" name while I was trying to come up with my netop.))
After jacking out, Scott decided to go to Elec Town. "Is that all right with you," he asked his navi. "It doesn't matter," Kitsune commented, "since you can just pick up my PET and take me there whether I want to or not. But sure, sounds like a plan."
Scott turned to leave his house - and caught his reflection in a window......
Besides his broken arm, he looks mostly normal. Until, that is, you see his eyes. These crimson eyes give him a look of anger, evilness, or hatred, which is what scared away potential friends.
"Ah, forgot my shades," Scott said, as if it was nothing. He put his sunglasses on, and walked out.
[To Elec Town]
Returning to his home computer, Scott spent no time jacking his navi into the computer. "Let the training begin!"
Heading over to the Science Labs, Scott suffered a flashback.

The small, one-tailed Kitsune, heading over to the navi claiming to have information on how to shut down a 'virus factory'.....
....the ambush, "did you set us up, Navi?"......
...the navi getting struck in the back by a virus.....
....Kitsune taking a fatal blow protecting the navi....
.... the recovery of the shattered data, with barely any chance of repair....

To Science Labs!