After another of what quickly becoming the most grueling week of training he had endured in a long while, Tony eventually found his way back to the Fitzpatrick household. After moving from apartment to apartment for most of his life, the fact that he now lived in a building where he could walk ten paces without running into one of his two older sisters was still a strange concept to him.

"Speak of the devil," he muttered under his breath as Mary, the eldest of his sisters, opened the door to meet him. Or rather, to find yet another way to turn Tony into her own personal dress-up doll. "Oh, Annie," she called, a look of cruel pleasure as she saw him flinch as she poked fun at his feminine looks, "we've really gotta do something about that frumpy get-up you're always wearing. It's so, like, totally screams tomboy." She pulled a huge shopping bag from behind her back. "I just the cutest dress at the mall today, and if you'd just come in and try it on..."

"I'm not in the mood for this, Mary," Tony moaned, shoving past her before she could try to force the dress over his head. Mary was the fashion sense of the family, always buying "the latest thing" from the mall or even designing her own clothes to wear. She had so many clothes that Tony often wondered if there was anything in her overflowing closet that had ever been worn more than once. The she loves the internship she recently got with a famous designer, Kelvin Clin or something like that, Mary seemed to get her greatest enjoyment from tormenting Tony, or as she called him, her "man-sister". Angie, short for Angelina, is about a year younger than Mary, and she's much less of an antagonist in comparison. Open, caring and understanding, Angie's the kind of big sister that you feel you could go to with anything, no matter how odd or mundane. Angie started school about the time that Tony's family moved to ACDC, however, and didn't live with the family anymore. Still, if he had to pick between the two...

"Come on! Just try on one!" Mary pleaded, pulling out a dress that looked so small Tony wondered how anyone could fit in it. "Leave me alone, Mary!" Tony groaned, ducking under her just as she tried to pin him down and dashing toward his room. He flung the door open, bolted in, then shut it jut as Mary was about to follow. "You're sister is as incorrigible as ever," a flat voice said from Tony's hip. "Yeah..." Tony sighed, flinging his dance bag in the corner and booting up his PC. "Hopefully she'll head back to design school soon and the daily fights over my masculinity will stop... eh, Tarantella?" he asked. In response, a lithe figure appeared on the computer screen, nodding in agreement. Tony rested his face in his palms and exhaled heavily. He sat that way for a while, then suddenly jerked his head up. "I'm bored..." he said, grabbing his PET from his waist and carefully sliding it into the docking station next to his computer. "Shall I begin preparations for a session of Virus Busting?" Tarantella intoned, performing some basic stretches as he talked. "Yeah! Virus Busting sounds fun!" Tony said, immediately grabbing the meager selection of battle chips he was able to salvage from the move. Most of his old ones were either lost or crushed amongst the many boxes still lying around the house. "Ready," came Tarantella's curt reply. Tony grinned, then pressed a button on the face of his PET.

"Tarantella.EXE, jack in!"