A dimly lit room. There's quite alot that can be gathered about someone's personality when you peer into a room. Dusty shelves mean that the owner is not very tidy, but the thin layer of dust proves he is not a neat freak. Waining food supplies show his sloth of going to the store, but inspires creativity with limited options. But where is this owner who keeps his home in such a state?

On his couch playing video games. Jacob sits there with only the glow of his tv as the blips of his retro game mixed with the sound of crickets. He feels engrossed as a monk who has attained enlightenment. On the side table was his PET, but it did not contain his Navi counterpart, Jinnman. He was jacked into a small toy helicopter, bringing it to motion. He kept himself enterained by flying around the room, pestering his owner as pranksters as him do. As the copter came to a landing on Jacob's head, a loud buzz came from the tv, signifing that his last life was gone and his game was over.

Jacob gave a sigh as he clicked on a lamp and turned off his tv. He pullged PET to the bottom of the copter, returning Jinnman to his home. The yellow clad Navi flashed on the screen, both giving a sigh of boredom. "Well, the night's still young. What do you want to do?" Jacob asked. After a few moments of thought, the Navi gave an anwser. "How about we check on the Net? I'm in dire need of some actual oppisition." Jacob flashed a smile as he brought the PET to his computer.

"Jack in! Jinnman, Execute!"