"Quentin. Quentin. Quentin, wake up!" Quentins mom said. Quentin barely got up and rubbed his eyes. He yawned and stood up. "I'm up now mom." Quentin said and walked over to his PET and picked it up. Quentin went downstairs to his mom. "I'm ready." Quentin said. As he ate his breakfast. "Alright well when you are done go out to the car." Quentins mom said. Quentin finished up and went outside to the car. He jumped in and his mom got in to. They drove over to his fathers work place (which is still in ACDC Town) and went in. "Hey dad we are here." Quentin said. "Hey son me and your mom are going out to get some files. My computer is in the back room so you can netbattle. But remember no dirty pictures!." Quentins dad said. "Alright dad." Quentin said. He walked over to the computer and pulled out his PET. "Jack in Houndman." Quentin said as he put his PET in the computer.