ACDC Police Station

ACDC Police Station
NetCrime Division
Desk of Detective Zanallen Espial

The room was a mess, with stacks of paper and various clutter lining each of the five desks. A lone figure sat in the room, huddled in his chair as he stared hypnotically at the computer screen in front of him. The man was middle-aged, with shoulder length black hair tied in a tail. His bright blue eyes seemed glazed over and flashing images from the computer screen reflected in his eyes. His grim face was locked in a mask of boredom as he sighed for what was possibly the fiftieth time in the past two hours. His eyes flicked to his watch and his sigh deepened.

"Sire?" A stately voice seemed to sound from nowhere. "Might I be of assistance?"

"Nah," the man groaned. "There is nothing for you to do. I just have to scan these crime scene photographs and see if anything matches the M.O. of that NetSquare disaster."

"You seem so tired." The voice said once more. "Surely my eyes could aide you?"

"Nah, two pairs of eyes won't make this any faster. However," the man clicked a button on the keyboard to halt the flood of images. "Perhaps you can do something for me."

"I live to serve, Sire."

The man laughed and removed a small device that was buckled to his belt. The device was roughly tear-shaped with a black and cobalt color scheme. A screen on the device showed an image of a futuristic knight garbed in armor as black as night. The knight smacked a fist against his chest in a brisk salute, nodding his veiled face as he caught sight of his NetOp.

"I'm going to hook you up to this computer and download the information on each of the suspects from the NetSquare incident. Store the information in the Known NetCriminal file and cross reference the data against all other known NetCriminals. With any hope we will be able to find a few matches."

"Yes, Sire. I shall do my best."

The man pulled a wire from a compartment on the small device and hooked it into a port on the computer. The armored figure immediately began downloading the information that the man provided him and storing it in the appropriate files. It was a rather simple task for the digital being, but he worked on his task without complaint. He knew that his NetOp was just as bored with the paperwork as he was, but he also understood the need for such busywork.

A loud knock sounded and the heavy wooden door was swung open without waiting for a response. The man behind the desk shot to his feet, right hand snapping a brisk salute. The man who entered the room, an elderly gentleman dressed in a suit and tie, smiled at the response and waived the man to sit. He walked over to the desk and sat a small package down.

"Detective Espial," the elderly man said. "It is good to see you working so diligently."

"It is my pleasure, Chief." The middle-aged man responded.

"I'm sure it is; however, I am going to have to ask you to stop."


"I know that you have been itching to get back to the field ever since that unfortunate NetSquare business. As such, I have a new mission for you."


"Yes, we have currently acquired a small amount of BattleChips and NetNavi upgrades. However, before we put them to official use, I have decided to have them commissioned to your department for testing. As such, your mission will serve a double purpose, testing out this newly acquired equipment along with your basic patrol duties."

"Yes sir," the man nodded. "I shall do my best."

"And Zan, I want to see some results. These anomalies worry me and I want them stopped. Do your part in keeping the Net safe."

"Yes Sir!"

The Chief left the room and the man, Detective Zanallen "Zan" Espial, sighed in relief. His boring life of paperwork and filing was finally over. He was getting back out on the Net once more. He smiled as he grabbed the package his boss had set down. It contained various BattleChips and a few upgrades that he could use to customize his Navi. Things were finally looking up.

"Well Runeknight, you heard him." Zan called to the armored figure in the small device. "Are you ready for a patrol?"

"I always am, Sire. Shall I forgo downloading this information?"

"Nah, finish up while I set up the laptop with the scanning and recovery programs. Plus I need to scan in these new BattleChips. As soon as we both finish up, we'll head out."

"Yes Sire. I am glad to be of use to you."

"I know, Runeknight. I'm just glad that we can finally have some fun."
ACDC Police Station
NetCrime Division
Desk of Detective Zanallen Espial

Zan stared blankly at the dark screen of his laptop. Runeknight had been defeated and Zan had been forced to pull him out of the battle before he was deleted by the strange Metool they had been forced to battle. Runeknight was resting now, safe in his PET, as the repair Progs went to work. He would be fine, but Zan was worried about his Navi's pride. It has been an honorable defeat, overpowered by an enraged Metool after the Navi had defeated the other four combatants. Still, Runeknight could be a bit touchy at times. The Navi would want to head back out as soon as possible and seek out the "Metool Rangers" for a rematch.

"Hmm," Zan muttered to himself. "We'll need to prepare for such a battle."

He glanced at the clock on the wall. His shift had ended five minutes ago. He sighed and put away his laptop. He gathered his belongings, setting his PET in the case attached to his belt. He rose from his seat behind the desk and its stacks of paper and headed for the door. He nodded to one of his coworkers as he clocked out for the day. It was time for him to pay a visit to Suitachi and his store at SciLabs.