Bo jokingly stopped off at the playground, he hadn't been there since he was a young kid. Now he was close to being pure unadulterated Bones Pasimontio, and would have to drop his kid name of Bo. He didn't want this day to come, so he tried to stretch being a kid till he was thirty. People would think he had hit somewhat of a mid-life crisis at the age of 23, but he just didn't and never wanted to grow up. "American, let's bust something easy. Get back into the groove and then move up, we'll hit everything. Sound good to you?"

American didn't care what Bo did, as long as he was resting or fighting, he was one happy navi. So he tried to throw some heart into it for Bo's sake and let out a reply full of pep and patriotism. "Alright Bo, lets go bust some of those Mets till they cry for mercy."

Bo was filled with glee, yet knew American was laying it on just to cheer him up. He wanted it to seem like he didn't know American was faking, so he had to show some type of glee when he jacked American into the net from the Playground. This was the only way he could get American away from him and then be by himself. Bo pulled the cord, and then gently plugged it into the nearest spot, hoping that he would get the chance to give American another upgrade.