Looking for directions

Jaden stepped off the transit. "That took long enough." He grumbled.It was morning again but he hadn't slept all night.The sun was shining midly and dew was all over."Find me a jack in port so we can find the place to stay at Electown." Shadow yawned (though he didn't sleep, being a navi and all) "Fine fine,Jack in! Shadow.exe!" Jaden said for no absolute reason."Why did you do that?" Shadow asked from inside the network."Sorry, reflex." Jaden said."And this time don't go looking for playnavi!"
Jaden talked to Shadow after jacking him out.It was lightly drizzling now and Jaden was starting to feel hungry.He ran to the transit station."So you think they'll have food?" Jaden asked Shadow."I'm positive." Shadow replied.The two boarded the transit and sped off to Electown.