Kicked off in new town

Klin Wulf stumbles off the train platform, trying not to fall as the conductor throws him off the train. Laughing and bowing Klin expresses apologies. "I am truely sorry sir, I had no idea that I was not allowed in the car. And I apologize for Polarman, he can be a bit tempremental."

Polarman, sitting in his PET and sulking, jumps up and begins to yell. "I am not tempremental! His navi attacked me!"

"No, he told you to stop hacking the lock or he would attack you. You attacked first."

Turning away Polarman replies, "That's besides the point. He shouldn't have threatened me. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have knocked him around so much."

The conductor, annoyed as it was already, now more so since being ignored, yells at them to leave before he calls the police.

Backing away slowly and still smiling slightly, Klin bows. "Of course sir, I am sorry for the incovenience."

As he is walking away Polarman shouts loudly, "Next time you try and pick a fight with me, remember the beating you just got!"

The conductor's navi replies, "I will. How could I forget the disgrace of losing to a navi who thinks he is ice when he uses magnatisn. Psh Polarmam."

Completely enraged, Polarman yells even louder and tries to make Klin turn around. Used to this by now, Klin ignores him and continues on for a few minutes. Finally he stops.

"Why didn't you turn around?! I could've ripped that navi apart!"

"Because I don't feel like getting into trouble. We are new to this town and we don't know what might happen here." Looking down at his friend, Klin's smile grows wider. "How bout we find a port into the net and let you work off some of that steam."

Smiling wickedly, Polarman nods. "That sounds like a plan." Walking around a little more, Klin finally finds a port.

"Alright, here we go. POLARMAN JACK IN!" Polarman feels the pull of the net and of the field of battle, and gladly follows both.
Klin watches as Polarman goes up against strong opponets, knowing there is really nothing he can do. I just hope he stays ok.
Polarman appears in his PET.

"Alright, I'll let you rest a bit, while I go and get something to eat. Sound good to you?"

"Fine by me. I'll be ready when your done."

Klin walks off to find some food.

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"Ah, I feel better. How bout you Polarman?" Klin says with a happy sigh.

"I'm ready to fight again if thats what you mean. Lets go."

"Alright, I'll find a port quick." Klin searches around town, finally finding a port. "Here we go. Polarman, Jack In!"

Polarman dissapears from his PET and...