Jack in/out

"ScytheMan," Ray says to his navi, "People have seen you in ElecTown's NetWorld, and were very afraid. I believe that you should, while in the ACDC Net, be in disguise. Therefore, I have given you a GMO. Test it out when I jack you into the Net."
Going over to the squirrel, he jacks ScytheMan into the net.
After jacking ScytheMan out, Ray decided to go to to SciLab to research for his inventions and to keep his mind off haunting memories.
Going to SciLab
Returning to ACDC, Ray wasted no time in jacking ScytheMan into the net.
After jacking out, ScytheMan thought of something. "Maybe," he said, "I don't have enough chips. May we go get some, master?"
"I was just thinking the same thing," Ray replied. "However, I will only get them if you promise me to stop calling me 'master'."
"Of course, sir."
Close enough, Ray thought.
Ray walked over to the ACDC chip shop.
After leaving the Chip Shop, Ray decided to test his new chips on the net. "Jack in!"
After Ray jacked ScytheMan out, he decided to go to Electown.