A New Day!

Finally, it was a day where Tyler could rest. He had a rough week in school and when the weekend rolled in it had seemed like he could finally rest. On saturday morning, got up at 12:00 in the afternoon, feeling great. He planned what he was going to do for the rest of the day. Without even thinking of getting dressed or even eating, he immdediatly jumped out of bed and reached for his PET. His navi was wide awake as well, having never gone into sleep mode.

Tyler, as usual, asked with a polite tone in his voice,
"Pyre, if you feel up to it, because I don't want to force you to do it, would you li-

Pyre, with his mean but suttle reply, said,
"Would you stop the talking and jack me in already. I just want to kick some Virus butt!"
When tyler woke up the next morning he felt completely refreshed. Since he spent all of yesterday inside helping pyre fighting viruses, he decided to go outside and get a bit of exercise by taking a walk in the park. He thought he could bring Pyre along, so he took his PET with him.

Maybe if I get bored.....

He then headed straight for the door.
(forget this ever happened)
(i know i am a n00b....)