Here we are...

Upon his arrival, Zanzo exited the bus. He looked around for a bit before noticing the park. He walked for a bit and made his way into the park. He found himself a nice bench and sat down before pulling out his laptop. "I hope you're ready, Moonlight." He said.

"Hmph, I hope you are too, Zanzo." Moonlight replied, giving Zanzo a concerned look.

"Don't worry...This'll work. Jacking in..." Zanzo then took the PET from it's holster and aimed it toward his laptop. Moonlight disappeared from it in a dark flash....
Upon receiving Moonlight, Zanzo gathered his things and left town, heading for the Science Labs...
As the bus doors opened, Zanzo calmly walked out. "Hm. Wonder if 'my' bench is still open." He said, heading toward the park...
Kenji Walked out into the open area of the park, he gave out a big yawn as he stretched out his arms. He saw a small playground and a large field full of running and laughing children. He stepped to the side to avoid some of the smaller ones rushing past him. He looked around for a bit and saw a familiar face sitting at a nearby bench. A loud beeping noise rang in his pocket as he pulled out his PET.

"Say, whose the shaggy looking guy?"

"Hmm? Oh isn't he the guy with the scarfed navi?"

"Awesome! I get to bug him again!"

Kenji walked down to the Operator and sat down next to him on the bench. With a yawn he spoke, "Yo, wassup dude."
"Hm? Oh, you're that kid from before." He replied. "I like the robes on your navi."

"Is that what people call a dress?" Moonlight commented sourly from his PET, a faint grin on his face.

"Come on now, Moonlight. I wear something remotely similar myself." Zanzo responded.

"Yeah, and I'm still baffled by such. But whatever. I suppose could make use a busting sidekick."

"Hm. Interesting..." Zanzo shifted his attention back to Kieto. ", whatever your name is, I'm Zanzo, and it's nice to meet you again. Care to join me in some virus busting?" He asked...
"Name's Keito, sure sounds like..."

A loud ringing sound emanated from Keito's Pet, He switched it on, and an angry looking navi appeared on screen.


Keito muted all sound coming from his device. He wipped out his laptop, and plugged his PET into it with an annoyed look on his face.
"Heh..." Moonlight huffed, holding a much wider grin now. "Sorry Kieto, but I have a thing about unusual navi wardrobe. Zanzo, log me in?" He asked.

"Yeah, but you better behave." Zanzo replied somewhat bitterly.

"Me? And you say I worry." Moonlight answered. "Fine. I'll be good..." He said sarcastically as Zanzo pulled booted up his laptop. Moonlight then formed into an onyx beam and was sent to the net...
"Hey Kieto...It turns out I need to be somewhere for a short bit. Can you wait?" Zanzo asked, collecting his things and rising from his bench.
"Yeah, sure dude. I'll be right here."

Keito removed his chips from his laptop and packed them into his backpack. He set his laptop aside for a bit and took out a sketchpad to occupy his time.
"Thanks. I'll be back in a bit." Zanzo commented, walking away deeper into town. As he reached the chip shop, Moonlight spoke. "Here, behind this place." He said. As Zanzo came around, he saw a person with long, flowing brown hair, icy blue eyes, pale skin, though some tone suggests more time out in the sun. He was wearing a blue shirt, long-sleeved and paling, as well as gray cargo jeans, then finishing the outfit with black slip-on shoes. Zanzo was stunned. "H...Hello, Master Zanzo." He said, bowing a bit.

"Please, don't call me master anymore. You're the 'Zanzo' now. I go by my first name these days and you know that." The man responded.

"Heheh, yes....Sorry, Forte."

"Anyway, Moonlight seems satisfied enough with your skills, so I have your navi prepared."


"Yup." Forte said, pulling out a PET of his own, and holding it out to Zanzo. "Time to trade, pal."

"Gotcha." The two held out their PETs, and the navis interacted. Moonlight wispered to the navi as it observed him.

"Keep him safe..." He said. The navi nodded, examining Moonlight a bit more before the trade completed. Afterward, Forte gave a thumbs up.

"You'll do fine, Zanzo. I wish you well." He said.

"...Thank you, Master."

"Heh..." Forte huffed as he walked away, commenting to Moonlight. "Now then, let's remove these limits, shall we?"

With that done, Zanzo made his way back to the park, tinkering with his PET...
Upon his return, Zanzo spotted Kieto while returning to his bench. "Hey bud. Just got a new navi, and was messing around with him. Sorry I took so long. Your bud care to see it?" He said, unpacking and booting up his laptop. He kept the connection on his PET open for Kieto's navi to interact if he so wished...
Keito got up and stretched, he gave a big yawn and checked the clock on his cellphone. He raised an eyebrow and noticed how late in the day it was. He put down his pad and pulled out the picture he just drew.

"New navi huh? oh well too bad man, i just finished drawing moonlight. Oh well might as well just toss this then..."

Keito held his sketch up, and jokingly held his lighter beneath it.
"Heheh, shame. There's someone out there that may appriciate it more than I, but eh. Shall we get back to busting?" Zanzo asked, jacking his navi in. "Jack in...Nachahmen. Execute..." He said as Nac disappeared into the net...
With glaringly squinted eyes and a raised eyebrow, he stuffed the sketch back into his back and reistablished contact with Kenji.
"Well, buddy...this is where we part ways for now. I have your info, so I'll keep in touch." Zanzo said, gathering his things. Upon finishing, he waved to the young man before leaving. "Peace...." He said.
Upon his return, he got his things out and booted up his laptop. Afterward, he pulled out his PET and spoke to Nachahmen. "...Your goal is to jump from the square to the Sharo net. Got it?" He asked. Nac nodded. "Good. Jacking in..." Zanzo finished, as Nac left to the square in a royal flash...
Keito returned from his house, yawning with every step. He noticed Zanzo sitting in the usual place and sat next to him, with a friendly greeting, he whipped out his laptop and established a link with Kenji.
As Keito sat and watched as his little pet got the stuffing beat out of him, him began to wonder if he had enough strength to get him through life. With a grin, he transferred Kenji back into his PET, and put his laptop back into his pack. He gave a nod to Zanzo, and trotted off towards the train station, keeping a close eye on his little would be fighter.
Upon receiving Nac, Zanzo gathered his things and made for the next bus to the Science Labs..