Moving in.

Sarah stood in the doorway, staring with some awe at her room.

Her room. Now there was something she would have to get used to saying. They had just moved to ACDC Town, and with that massive upheaval came her own room, with her own desk and her own closet and her own computer whirring away in the corner. And her own mess of boxes holding her clothing to be stored away when she bothered to.

"So, how many times are you going to do this?" A hologram of Basilisk, her Navi, was sitting on her shoulder, looking rather antsy. "I want to get onto the net! I've been stuck in that PET for hours!"

Sarah looked at the Navi, and sighed. "Fine, fine... you think being stuck in a car is any better?" She picked her way through the boxes, coming to the computer. "You should just be glad the internet is connected, or else you'd still be stuck in the PET."

The Navi dissapeared as Sarah sat down, twitching the mouse to bring the computer out of it's screensaver. "Right then... Basilisk, jack in!"

[Basilisk has connected to the ACDC net.]