Silas' Apartment

Looking around, inspecting the job the movers had done at getting all his assorted stuff set down in his new apartment, Silas declared it a good job. Walking over to the couch, he sat, pulled out his PET, and activated a hologram of his Navi, Raven.EXE. "Not so bad here, is it?" the senior Operator asked, gesturing out at the window.

"Hmmph, I guess you're right. Too many children, though. Won't they disturb you?" the birdlike Navi replied. As usual, he was admiring his steely talons.

Shrugging, Silas got up, then changed the subject by saying "How about we check out this place's Net? Might be some new chips to collect, huh?"

"Well, I hope it isn't too hard. I don't want to muss up my feathers too much, and you and I both know that that Infinity bastard managed to nearly delete me the last time I met up with him, and he absorbed all the data for the upgrades you'd given me. I'm a bare-bones Navi again, Silas, and we need to fix that," Raven said.

Nodding, Silas pointed the PET at the nearest jack-in port, which happened to be his computer, and jacked in Raven.
As Phoenix returned to the PET, Silas said "That was amazing!"

"Well, aren't I amazing? CleanProgs, get to work!" Phoenix commanded to the Cleaner Programs. The Programs immediately got to work sharpening his talons with files, shining his feathers, styling his hair, polishing his filed talons, and essentially making him new. "Very good. HealProgs, you next!" Phoenix commanded. The little Mr. Progs got to work recovering him back to full health. In seconds, he was back up to speed.

"Well then, now that you've gotten cleaned up, let's head over to the Science Labs. There's something there I want to pick up," Silas explained.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Silas exited his humble apartment, making sure to lock the door behind him. Hitting the down button for the elevator, the doors finally opened. Once inside, Silas hit 'Lobby,' and started the long trip down. Sometimes, it doesn't pay to have your apartment on the penthouse. It took about a minute for the elevator to get down to the lobby, and when it did, Silas walked out, and out of the giant apartment complex. It was a short walk from there to the Metro, so Silas hit the button for a pass to the Scilabs, boarded the train, and sped off.
"Phoenix, you're sure you're okay?" Silas asked again, as the two got off the Metro.

"For the last time, yes!" Phoenix replied. "Silas, look at it this way. At least I didn't get attacked by Zetsumei. Last time he attacked me, I came out of the fight missing both my wings, both forearms, my legs, and my torso up to my chest, plus all my hair, all my feathers, one eye, and most of my face, as well as multiple little data leaks all over what I still had. Zetsumei did that in THREE GODDAMN ATTACKS!! Goddamn miracle I survived that slaughter! Might I also remind you that he managed to delete one hundred of Chris' special souped-up Navis in a single attack?! Godmode much?!" he ranted on, pointing at his body parts as he listed them. He still seethed over that time, that fateful day in the darkest recesses of the UnderNet, the day that changed his life. He cursed Phoenix under his breath as Silas entered his apartment, immediately attempting to jack Phoenix into the ACDC Network by shooting the beam at a very polished knife, which reflected onto the old mirror lying on the shelf, which reflected onto the TV. Unfortunately, he'd missed.

"Ahh, I guess my aim ain't what it used to be," Silas said, chuckling.

"Well, I've actually had enough busting for today. Let's do something else," the Navi replied. From outta the PET, Phoenix's hologram materialized, and grew in size until Silas and Phoenix were looking eye-to-eye.

"Well, what do you want to do?" the old timer asked.

"Go for a walk around town, maybe?" Phoenix suggested.

Nodding, Silas threw on his coat again, and the two went off for an afternoon walk.

It was a sunny spring afternoon when the two went out to meet the sunlight. Grinning, they walked off, talking about random subjects, like their opinions on reality shows, or what they want to do in the next week. They, however, stayed off any topics concerning the Internet. They walked all around town like this; seeing various places of interest such as the house that Netto Hikari was raised in, the chip store, the mayor's home, and the chip store. Eventually, the two, Operator and Navi, found themselves in the park at sunset.

"Maybe we should get back," Phoenix said.

"Yep, I'm just getting hungry," Silas replied. So, the two of them sped off towards their apartment building.

Upon getting inside, Silas closed the distance to the elevator, pushing for the penthouse. After waiting, the doors opened, and Silas and Phoenix stepped inside.

"Why must these elevators play such old music?" Phoenix groaned, trying to stop the old-fashioned elevator music.

"Oh, hush. It's not really that bad," Silas chided as the elevator doors slid open. Walking down a few corridors, they reached the last door on the left. Drawing his card key, Silas slid it through, allowing them access into their apartment.

"Well, dinnertime," Silas sighed, getting to the stove. While he started preparing a decent meal for himself, Phoenix simply stared out the window. "Silas, where's Nation Z?" he abruptly asked.

Walking out of the kitchen, Silas replied with "Over there, beyond Electric Town," pointing. "It is far to the south of here, and isn't even on some globes!"

After a while; Phoenix reading some of his cyber-books, while Silas cooked away, the food was ready. Silas brought it over to the table; a large pot of delicious-looking curry, and began to eat. Phoenix was at the table too, but was reading his books. After a while, Silas finished, and began to wash everything, putting the curry in the fridge. It took a bit, but he eventually finished, peeling off his wet rubber gloves.

"Well, time for bed, I think," Phoenix said, retracting into his PET.

"Yes, I think you're right," Silas said, going into his bedroom. Changing into his pajamas, he washed up, brushed his teeth, and went to bed.
It was nearly midnight, when Phoenix's eyes opened wide, as if by instinct. [i]"No, no, I'm too weak for one of those right now,"[/B] he thought, running his talons through his hair. Thought streaming through his digital head, he smiled. "Or not; let's just see how far I can go," Activating the jack-in procedure, thankful that Silas had left the PET pointing at the TV, Phoenix sent himself into the Net.
Silently returning to the PET, Phoenix activated the mute function on the PET, making sure that Silas wouldn't hear him. Once he was sure that noone was about to hear him, he whistled. Immediately, about two dozen Mr. Progs appeared; half of them red, half of them gold. "Well, get to work," Phoenix said, laying down on the molded platform.

The red HealProgs got to work. Charging energy between their 'ears,' they simultaneously launched their healing data, revitalizing him. Then, the red Progs backed away, and the CleanProgs stepped up. The job of cleaning Phoenix took a lot longer. They filed his talons, polished his feathers, combed, washed, shampooed, and conditionered his hair, and put a strange cream on his skin that got absorbed a few seconds after it got put on. The CleanProgs backed away, and Phoenix opened his eyes, thanked the Programs, and disappeared from the PET.

Materializing in the real world, Phoenix grew until he was human proportions. Jumping, he phased through the ceiling and ended up on the roof. He spent the rest of the night standing on the edge of the building, staring up at the full moon.


If you went to the tallest apartment building in ACDC, and found the window to the apartment at the top of the right edge of the south wall, and listened, you could hear a loud 'THUD!' and then a 'YOU GOD-DANG ALARM CLOCK!!!' That was Silas falling out of bed. And if you travelled onto the roof and looked, you could see a hologram of a Navi. That would be Phoenix.

"Fall out of bed again, Silas?" Phoenix asked, swooping in through the bedroom window. "I tell you, you should really get around to pitching that alarm clock out the window."

"Gah, it's just taking some getting used to, that's all," Silas replied, rubbing his arm. "Oh, and Phoenix, think you could stand another trip to SciLabs? I just remembered: there's something there I need to pick up."

Nodding, Phoenix phased through the door before Silas had opened it, and the two walked out the apartment door to Scilabs.
While on the Metro home, Silas had been constantly trying to contact Phoenix while he had disappeared under the panel, then sighed in relief as he burst out from nearby on a building. Watching in satisfaction as he prepared to attack with the chips he'd sent, his relief quickly changed back to fear as Phoenix suddenly exploded in a flash of blood red light. "What the HELL!" the old timer yelled, startling many people around him. His worries, however, were again switched to relief when Phoenix appeared, scorched and battered, but okay.

"Aww man, did anyone get the number on that data barge?" Phoenix groaned, holding his head against his hand.

"Phoenix, you're okay. You're back in the PET," Silas said.

"Wha'? Oh, thank god! I needed a break," Phoenix returned, also expressing relief. Snapping a taloned hand, he called "Progs, get to work, will you!"

The team of 24 Mr. Progs, 12 red, 12 gold, appeared, and revitalized Phoenix in the typical procedure. Once done, they disappeared to places unknown.

"Ahh, much better. Now, what do we do. I noticed that when I was logged out, I left some data behind. Should I go back to get it?" Phoenix asked.

"Nah, doesn't matter. Either way, I'll let you go back into the Net, as long as you don't kill yourself. Try to balance your limits, okay?" Silas replied, voice a little stern.

"Skip the Yoda talk, Silas, and jack me in already!" Phoenix said, amused.

Smiling, Silas quickly jacked Phoenix in through the TV, then went to make dinner.