"...Reeeemind me why we're here again?"

A guy in his early twenties strolled down the road, white coat swaying in the breeze as he looked around. "Because you're rusty, Dash. You got deleted fighting SciLab viruses, remember?"

"I know that, but darn it, Jei!" The navi from the PET attached to his waist spoke up. "ACDC Town? That's like saying, HELLO NEWBVILLE, dude."

Jei smirked. "You are a 'n00b'. Just the bad kind."

"The hell, man!" The navi growled from the PET, getting mad. "It was a fluke!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever..." Letting out a laugh, he made his way to the park. "All I know is you need practice, and this is the best way to go. C'mon now."

"Whatever..." Dash murmured, as Jei pointed the IR port sensor towards the one on the squirrel statue.


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