Septimus entered his small comfy apartment. His guitar and amp were proped up in a corner by the sofa. A large computer moniter was set up on an ebony table. The legs of the table were majestic lion's legs and the handle for the droor was the loin's head. A big flat screen tv that served as a second moniter was parralel from the couch on the opposite wall. A muffled voice came from Sempimuses coat poket. He took out his compact link PeT. Zexis.exe was on the small screen.
"As i was saying" said Zexis in a scratchy voice that was vagly like a cat's purr. "You should really get a better home"
"What's wrong with my house?" asked Septimus defensively
"It is to low class for someone of your station!" replied the navi sharply
"It's not up to you how i live!" Said Septimus. His words came out more angry than he had ment them to be "All everyone talks about is my stupid father's money and hoow I should be living in some sort of mansion! Just let me live the way I want to live!" Zexis saw that he had crossed the line
"Sorry." he said zappologeticly.
"no, no it isn't you I didn't mean that." Said septimus his face slightly flushed. Zexis gave a roar of laughter
"Wanna netbattle?" he said hoping that net battleing would help his op. cool down.
"Sure." said Septimus pointing the PeT at the jack in port.