Atsui walked into the town square, looking around. He was really bored, and had nothing to do. He began to read his book while sitting on a bench, until, inevitably, Enzuru began to nag him. "Pleeeeease!" Enzuru whined. "Pleease can we go onto the net! I wanna have fun!"

"No..." Atsui said. "Lemme read my book for a bit.

"But the book is booooring!" Enzuru said, rolling his eyes. "I really wanna go on! It's been so long!"

Atsui sighed. It had been a while since he had gone on the net, but he needed to read for his assignment. He tried to make an excuse by telling Enzuru, "Sorry, but this part's really exciting!"

Enzuru got a flat face, and said, "I may be young, but I can still read that cover. It's a old guy's life. What's there to be excited about?"

Atsui was getting annoyed. "Fine. But I need to read for an assignment! I'll get screwed royally if I don't get it done!"

"C'mooonnn...." Enzuru said, not giving in in the least. "How long does a netbattle take?... I don't know, but not to long, I;m sure."

"Fine!" Atsui said, slamming the book shut. "I'll do it. But only one battle- I need to work afterwards.

Enzuru smiled and yelled, "Yippee! Let's go~!"

Atsui walked over to a console, and beamed in his navi. He thought, Well, at least I have an excuse for not doing my assignment...!


(( I like using a little code. I'm gonna use that from now on. ^__^ ))