It's eight o' clock in the morning as Hyiru sits on his couch and eating his favorite cereal Captain Crunch.Lynx sits there and watches as he sits on the couch wasting his time eating until he finally gets annoyed.

"Hyiru would ya get up and do something?" Lynx blurts out in an annoyed voice.

"You don't like to see me relax do you Lynx?" Hyiru asks in a very calm voice.

"I don't know about you but I want to do something this saturday besides sit on the couch and watch crap!" Lynx replies

"Awwww man! Alright already! Let's go on the net is that ok with you Lynx?"Hyiru asks

"Finally something to do!"Lynx says happily

"Be quiet"Hyiru say in an annoyed voice

Lynx laughs as he watches Hyiru go to the sink and washes his bowl.Hyiru turns off the T.V as he picks up his PET. Hyiru wipes his face as he walks into the room and turns on his P.C. Hyiru looks down a Lynx and shakes his head. Then he goes on the internet.

Ready Lynx?! Jack in! Hyiru yells