The street lights had turned on by the time Rumisiel walked into the restaurant. Sitiing down, a waitress walked up and asked for his order. He ordered a bowl of ramen, and then pulled out a picture. "Excuse me but before you go have you seen a kid like this? I've heard he first came in here around 7 years ago and that he came here again recently."

The waitress looked close at the picture and called over another lady. The two whispered for a while before the second lady walked up to him. "Hi there. I first served the kid in the picture last time he was here. I believe it was about 2 years ago. Before he left he gave me a letter to give to his brother. Are you by chance Rumisiel?"

"Yes I am"
"Well this thing is for you darling. And a free bowl of ramen too, he paid for one back then for you as well." Rumisiel thanked the lady before she pulled out a letter and left to fill out his order. Null meanwhile walked out from behind one of his hair spikes and jumped onto the table. "So I guess you did find a lead. What does the letter say?"

"Just a moment. First I want to eat. A letter after all this time can wait a little longer."

Rumisiel waited until the lady brought him his ramen and had drained half the bowl before he grabbed the letter and opened it up. Reading over the words, he gave no hint to Null as to what it was telling him. Finally, Rumisiel placed the letter on the table and allowed Null to read it, while he grabbed the ramen bowl and finished off the rest of his food. The waitress came by again and served his second bowl just as Null finished reading and clawed at the paper, actually cutting it although he was simply a hologram. "Damn it! Your brother leaves a letter and it gets cut off almost as it begins. And what interrupts it? That stupid brother of MINE! And what the hell is he babling about!? Damn it!" with that last yell he grabs the paper and rolls it up, throwing over Rumisiels' shoulder. The letter suprises the customers in the next booth, causing them to glare at Rumisiel, but he simply ignores them and stares at Null with sad eyes. "Calm down Null. This at least means both our brothers are fine. Although I fear I know why mine dissapeared even in his new life. I think what Pyreman wrote means more than just insults and hatred. I think it means that something bad happened and he's losing it. The little my brother was able to write before hand also seemed full of sadness, maybe regret too. I think whatever happened, he blames himself for it."

Null glared at Rumisiel, but slowly his face grew cold and he crossed his legs and sat near the edge in thought. Rumisiel simply finished his second bowl and ordered a third. Once the third one came and went, Rumisiel paid the bill and left for a hotel, Null only leaving his train of thought to jump onto Rumisiels head. After and hour of searching, he found a room and checked in. Just as he was about to enter the room however, Null tapped him and he looked over his shoulder where Null was pointing. It was a window looking out to the street, and a cloaked figure at a bus stop was looking at them. The figure pulled back the hood, but only a brief flash of red hair was seen before the buss arrived and blocked the view. Both operator and navi were stunned and quiet as the stood there looking out the window. But as the bus pulled away, like they expected the figure was gone and they both simply turned around and entered their room. Null dissapeared from atop Rumisiels' head and reappeared again on the desk, sitting once again in a cross legged position with his eyes closed. Rumisiel took off his trench coat and shirt before he landed on the bed and went to sleep.

2 hours later Null opened his eyes and slammed the desk under him with his fist. The effect made stronger by his powers. He stood up and looked at Rumisiel, who by then was long asleep, and simply dived into the net.

[Null.EXE loggin in]