Its Time to Vaccinate!

" The net is much like the circulatory system in many ways. It, like the circulatory system travel necessities through out the body; except this one is the entire world. Unfortunately, its similar to the circulatory system in which viruses come and disrupt it. Thats why. . . ." *RRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!*
"Wake up sleepy head! Its time for your assingment!" The voice came from the PET. The room is messy and not stylish in any way. From the lack of decor and the many boxes of pizza on the trashcan next to the door, its obvious that this is a dorm room. On the bed opposite from the door, the 20 year old med student named Polonius wakes up, thanks to his navi DNR. " I'm up! I'm Up!" Says the med student. "Augh!, I was having the wierdest dream, it was like some kind of speech that shows up on one of those action shows kids watch. Those are so monotonous!" Polonius says. The brown skinned student goes to his PET next to the computer. "My word, DNR do you have to be so annoying?"Polonius exclaims "Sorry Poly but you DO have to defeat three viruses in the Dorm's system, SO GET CRACKING!" DNR says with a crazed expression on his face. Polonius, a bit annoyed because of his lost sleep now connects the PET to the computer "Time to Vaccinate DNR!" He says while pluging him in.
After the Jacking out, the brown colored Med student says to his navi " . . . . . .Okay lets go to our exam. I've never missed an exam and I am not starting now". "Okay then Nancy, but how do you propose to get there?" is all the navi replied. "Quite simple . . . we run there" says Polonius in a lowly voice as he runs out side his building.

((Heading out towards the Colosseum))