Eh, what?

When you're a bounty hunter, you've gotta be able to move fast. You never know when the person you're searching for is gonna move next, so when you get a chance, you've gotta pounce before it gets away.

Nik was doing just that, tearing down the sidewalks of ACDC town after a shadowy figure holding a screaming child over its shoulder. "Stop you!" he yelled, attempting to catch up with the runner. The figure responded by making a sharp left and jumping a low hedge. "Ergo, we need something to stop him. Can't you find anything?" He shot into his headset, a direct communication line to his Navi.

"I'm sure I can think of something." The Navi replied, jumping from access point to access point. Not ten seconds later a robotic dog jumped out of a dog house and latched onto the kidnapper's ankle, tripping him and causing him to throw the girl into the air. Putting on a last burst of speed, Nik dived, catching the girl just before she hit the ground. "Gotcha!"

"Just our luck..." Nik grumbled, strolling through the park about half an hour later. "We catch the guy and find the girl, and the police get all the credit..." He sat on a bench and reclined, watching the clouds go by as he tried to feel better about the situation.

((Well, I've gotta head off for the night, but I'll post when I can tomorrow.))
As Moa caught the scene, he didn't know what to think. But in his opinon, it's sometimes better to know... It was day, the guy couldn't try anything real sneaky. Moa walked over to tap the man on the shoulder.

"We should probably get that man some medical attention hm?"
"Do wha?" Nik mumbled, falling out of his reverie. Looking over to where the stranger was mentioning, he saw that the police still hadn't gotten around to actually arresting the kidnapper he had so recently nabbed. "Eh, he'll be fine," Nik dismissevly said. "The cops have him now, so he really isn't much of a concern of mine any more. A few stitches, some bed rest, and several long years in prison and he'll be good as new." He grinned.

Nik stretched, hearing some of his joints pop as he did so, then stood up. "So, what bring you around these parts, Mr...." He left the sentence hang for the stranger to fill in his name.
/orly Deciding not to question the part relating to the police, Moa smilled, shaking the man's hand. "Akayama. Moa Akayama." He looked down at the man... Then the girl. "So where are you going?"
((Nik's alone at the moment, aside from Moa, EAV and Ergo... I guess I forgot to mention that the girl is with the police too.... Sorry))

"Me? No where that I know of. I hadn't thought that far ahead yet." Nik shrugged. He liked this Moa character, despite only knowing him for all of 30 seconds.

"We could always hop on the 'net." Ergo chimed in. "I still have excess energy from the excitement of the chase."

"That's a great idea!" Nik exclaimed. "Care to join us, Moa?"
Moa smilled, raising his forearm to display the red and black PET.

"Sounds great." He looked around for a place to jack in...

"Ah." he spotted a nearbye lamppost with a jack in-sensor.

He started to walk towards it.

"Care to join me?"
"Sure thing." Nik said, heading over to the lamp post and unhooking his PET from his belt clip.

"Ergo, you ready?" He asked, looking down at his PET screen. "As I'll ever be." the Navi replied. "Right, then. Ergo.exe, transmit!" A flash of light engulfed Ergo and he disappeared from the PET.
Moa shot the laser into the lamp post before yawning and sitting on a nearby bench.

"Try to make a good impression."

"Will do."

The letters "OK" once again appeared on the screen, and EAV was off.
Moa smilled as he stood. "It was real great meeting you." He walked away, waving as he did so. "Hope to see you again sometime."
"See ya around, Moa." Nik said, seeing his most recent acquaintance off before returning to his PET to assist Ergo.
"Well, that was fun, even if the end was somewhat bizarre," Nik commented, pulling himself up from the bench with a small amount of difficulty. "Oy... I've been sitting down for too long..." he mumbled, twin pops from his knees affirming his observation.

"Well, let's get home then. I need to pay a visit to the Heal Progs, and you look beat," Ergo muttered.

Nik nodded and strode down the path that would take him to a bed.