The adventure begins

Slowly Walking out of the chip shop with a sad look on his face all sad because he could not get the chip he wanted, Wraith, starts walking down the street when he hears a muffled voice
hey dont be gloomy just save your money for next time said twilight
I know but i was so looking forward to getting that chipsaid Wraith all gloomy
He than began walking down the street back to his house but soon he would look up because his friend was coming to visit him tomorrow and he could not wait.
When Wraith got home has was struck has exictiment because there sitting on the coach was his friend. He hasnt seen his friend in so 3 years. As Wraith ran up to him he noticed his friend was crying.
Whats wrong? said wraith
Its just that my pet was stolen from me and i miss my navi said the friend
where was it stolen from? said wraith
The chip shop down the street
We were just there a minute ago
we have to get back there right away said twilight
wraith ran out the door PET in hand and jetted down the street, avoiding everything in his path and not caring who he ran into
As wraith got to the store he saw someone knocked out on the ground
What happened to you?
I was attacked by a someone wearing a white cape said the store clerk
Someone in a white cape, who could that be
They ran out the front door to catch a peek at a person in a white cape on the other side of the street
The person in the white cape looked dead at Wraith and wraith froze in sheer terror
As Wraith stood there Twilight was yelling at
Huh, whaaa?
You were frozen for some reason but why i dont know
Oh yea, HEY YO...Where did he go?
As wraith stood there the mysterious person had dissapeared from sight. Wraith tried to make some sense of the situation but he could think of nothing, but then he heard a slight buzzing come from his PET.
You have mail from... hmmm, its not signed
Its not signed wraith said confused as he began to read,..........Whaaaa, its from....
I cant belive it, this is from our mysterious person in the white cape, but how does he know my address?
Mabye its someone you know
Ide think ids remember someone in a white cape who attacks people
What did the mail say
It said to meet in front of the old refinary in 1 hour if you ever want to see the PET again
As wraith wondered how the mysterious man got his address he knew he had to get the PET back at all costs.
As wraith Ran to the old refinary he couldnt help wondering who the person was and why hes doing this.
Hey, whats wrong?
Oh its just this whole thing is a little fishy to me thats all
Finally wraith reached the refinary and saw the mysterious man on the top of a tall tank so wraith found the stairs leading up and began to climb.When wraith reached the top he stood face to face with the mysterious man, wraith could not help feeling like he knew this person somehow.
Who are you? and what do you want?
I want to netbattle you
Net battle me!? What for?
I wanted to beat you for a long time now
First who are you?
Ill tell if you beat me
wraith knew he had no choice he knew he had to battle to solve the mystery, he looked to his right and saw the computer where there battle would take place.
Fine if its a battle you want its a battle youll get
You ready Twilight?
Yea im ready
Alright jack in Twil....
Wait!!!!said a voice from the staris
wraith turned to see the store clerk that had been knocked down
What is it?
Dont Do this, you dont need to fight him because...
Hes your best friend
WHAAATTT!!!!, What are you talking about
Hes talking about this!
the mysterious person rips off the cape and it reveals that its wraith friend who said he lost his PET
What are you doing?
I came all the way from Neotopia to netbattle you and finally claim the title of the best.
It looks like he staged this whole thing
I trusted you, and you tricked me, wait, you did this just to netbattle me, what an idiot you are, why didnt you just ask?
This was more fun
Fine lets battle
They quickly get their PETs out but wraith looks to him and says
We sholudn't do this its not right
But ive waited so long for this moment
Me should not fight each other, we sholud fight together that way well both be the best
You sure about that?
they walked towards each other and shook hands, they knew that together that nothing could stop them.
So youll never do something like this again right?
They both walked down the stairs and started back to Wraiths house

As they approched the wraiths house thr friend said
I guess it was kinda stupid to do all that
Ya think?
Well its all over now, but i still think im the best

You wish, the day you beat me in a netbattle is the day humans go into cyberspace
well see
When they got to the front door twilight interuptted
Hey guys what about the store its still a mess, we should go clean it up.
shes right
Ill go do it and meet up with you later, k?
if your sure, all right
see ya later
see ya
wraiths friend ran down the street toward the chip shop, while wraith stood there waving him off
Wraith walked in the house and saw his mom making dinner
Hey mom whats up
Just makin dinner
Ok im going to my room
What are we going to do know ray
Wraith went up to his room and got on the net and praticed for the next few hours only stopping to eat.
Wow twilight we got some serious work done today huh
you said it
SO what do you want to do toworrow?
We can go down to the chip shop to see if your chip has come in
wraith woke up got ready ate breakfast and quickly got dressed
You think my chip well be in?
Lets go
Wraith Told his mom he was going out then quickly ran out the door
When he got to the chip shop he could tell his friend had cleaned up really good yesterday. He walked in and went to the front register
Please tell me you got the chip
We just got it in this mnorning(now if i can just remember where i put it)
Well heres the money for it, where is it
Its around here somewhere, just give me a second.....................ah here we go
One aura battle chip
thanks well be unstopable with this
wraith quickly ran out the store and jumped with joy, he could not believe he finally got the chip he had wanted for three months
I got it twilight finally
Thats great ray
so know what
Wanna go pratice?
wraith put the chip in his pocket and headed home
He got homre and went to his computer all excited, he reached into his pocket for his new chip but it wasnt there , nothing but a hole in his pocket, he started hitting his head on his desk
I cant believe it, how could i already lose my chip
all you have to do is retrace your steps and hopefully youll find it
Luckly for you i already found it
Wraith turned around to see....................
his friend
hey whats up?
not much, just saving your chip
wraith was handed the chip
i owe you big time
you better believe it
wraith looked at the chip only to discover that it was fake but that his chip was not real(????)
This chips a fake!
Ray could not believe it he got jipped