Time to Sleep

Zylaen is back at home, now he is done trading, Zylaen now focus on the 8-bit game of Monster Warrior, playing as one hero

Note: Other games Zylaen has other than Monster Warrior is, Flak Nukem II, and Cyber Dribble

Blazing Draconian: It is almost bed-time, better not stay up late.

Zylaen: Don't worry, I never stay up late. You can trust me.

Blazing Draconian: I hope so. Anyways, good night.

Zylaen: Yeah, Good night. Now back to the game. Now I must train my guy to level 10 so I can earn the new spell called 'Smash'. I already got Heal, and Shield, and I am at Level 8, and I have no weapon! Man I wish I just keep the Wooden Sword... But oh well...

Zylaen then continues playing 8-bit RPG game Monster Warrior. Then after 15 minutes, Zylaen saved the RPG game, turned it off and goes to bed

(It is just a Made-Up game I made up)
The Next Day, Zylaen is quickly up, with his PET in his pocket. Now he walks out to the door and starts jogging arouind the streets
*Zylaen jacks Blazing out, and then takes a break, sitting on his couch and watching the MXC shows, then after 10 minutes, Zylaen walks out of his house and starts jogging, trying to get some exercise with his PET in his Zipper Pocket*

Zylaen: Some Exercise should get my legs running. Then I should check out other towns. *keeps jogging around the streets, then to the Sub Station* Time to check other towns.