And thus, the story began...

"Gaaahhhhhh....we're dying!"

Kai suddenly got up from his bed, sweating, panicking. His face looked pale and terrified. No knowing what happened, Slade whose sleep, or rather in the 'power saving mode' interrupted by the sudden scream of Kai.

"Yo! Why the hell are you screaming so early in the morning?"

Kai looked at his PET and noticed that it was still 4.00 a.m. He didn't answered Slade's question, but rather silenced and let his heartbeat slowed down first. He must had a terrible nightmare to be freaking out so much. After quite some hard breathing, he had calmed himself and laid back. Pulling back his blanket, he started to sleep again after the interrupted sleep he had.

"Darn it! Doesn't even answered me....." Slade mumbled and started sleeping again.
“Kai....Kai, wake up.” Slade’s faint voice from the PET was followed by a deep roll of thunder that shook the windows.

“Rain… more rain…” Kai mumbled, still hugging his pillow, pulling the covers back over his head. “Why does it always rain on Saturdays…?”

“C’mon, Kai, you know it doesn’t always…”

Before Slade finished his talk, Kai was already slipping back into his dreamland. Slade sighed and glanced at the digital clock within his PET. Another roll of thunder didn’t fail to reach Kai’s ears, despite the covers hunched up over his face. Rain steadily started to tap on the windows.

“Yo Kai,” Slade repeated.

“...unn no more pancakes........i want orange juice..” Kai's voice was rather muffled, for his face was still stuffed into the pillow and he trailed off into other random statements, half of them impossible to understand as he slipped back into his dreamland.

“That’s it!” Slade snapped. Turning the volume all the way up, he shouted, "Goddamnit! Wake up! It's noon already! Don't you get enough sleep yet...I told you to sleep early last night but you...."

Kai slowly opened his eyes. Still feeling a bit sleepy, he reached the PET and looked at his growling NetNavi. His finger slowly crawled to the mute button. As he pushed the button, the room silenced once again. Scratching the back of his head, Kai got up of his bed and walked towards the bathroom his PET in hand.

“Slade, why didn’t you wake me up earlier?” he asked through a mouthful of toothpaste after looking at the electronic clock in his PET. Slade didn’t even bothered to answer. Kai spat in the sink and then walked back into the bedroom. He stumbled over the loose sheets on the floor, got back up and to the closet.

What should I wear today? As he was thinking, Slade's checked the recent news he received. Nothing spectacular except for the unveiling of the new NetSquare. "Uhh, Kai! Wanna check the new NetSquare?"

"Not interested...." Kai answered, still wondering what cloth should he be wearing.

"Aww, come one, it would be fun! We can meet lots of people and probably find someone strong to fight!"

"Yeah, fun for you! I know there will be pie and punch there...." Kai said, with an empty face.

"...That's not it!....well, it's one of the reason, too....."

"Nope, not interested. If you want I'll find some virtual punchbag for you."

"...tch..." Slade sighed, seeing how emotionless his NetOp was. ...insensible bastard....wait!

"Kai, why did you look frightened last night?" Slade asked in curiosity, seeing that his 'emotionless' NetOp would be so jumpy even if it was a nightmare. Kai stunned, and at the same time, a thunder roared, flashing a bright light. "....nothing....just a nightmare..."

"Well, how come a nightmare would scare you that much?" Slade spoke, sarcastically trying to mock his NetOp. "...nah, just a nightmare, nothing else!" Kai sweated, but he remained cool, and still searching for clothes to wear.

"Well, if that so...." Slade didn't wanted to brought up the topic anymore as he was convinced that it was just a nightmare and stayed silent, going through the virii database. After quite some times, he pissed as Kai hadn't picked any clothes to wear yet and started yelling, "What the hell?! What took you so long to change!"

"Why should I rush? Today's Saturday after all, there isn't anything I should do today..."

" wasted so much of my time....Just jack me in! Killing some virus would be fun.." Slade growled, demanding to be jacked into the Net so that he can bust some virus to kill some time when his NetOp was changing.

"Yeah..yeah..." Kai grabbed the PET, and pushed the 'Plug-In' button. At the same time, a blue lazer was emitted and directed towards Kai PC, sending Slade to ACDC Net.
Kai's stomach grumbled and he smiled sheepishly. “Uhh, I'm hungry. I'm gonna head to the kitchen for a while. Use this until I came back. Battle Chip, Sword! Slot In!" As he inserted the chip, he quickly head downstairs, looking for any food that could fill his empty stomach. I think a little cereal for breakfast should do. I’m not really that starving.

Downstairs was fairly quiet- he wondered why that was so until he found the note left by his parents.

Kai, we're so sorry that we coulnd't spend more time with you. It's Raphael, he found a big discovery at the site we told you about last night, about something that has something to do with the Ancient Network that we're searching for. We would love to be with you for some more time, but.... Sorry, and I left something that should be useful for you. Accept this gift as our apologies for you.
-Love, Mom....and Dad-

Along with the letter, Kai parents had attached a HP Memory for Kai's use. They had to go to the excavation site again, leaving Kai alone at home. "Well, this is not the first time..."

Kai downed two bowls of cereal and several slices of toast before picking up the HP Memory, and heading upstairs again.
The blue laser emitted from Kai's PET connected the streaming of Slade's data returning from the Net. His data particle slowly formed on the PET's screen as Slade's figure gradually visualizing. A small sound of 'beep' indicated the complete process of sending the Navi in. Slade opened up his eyes in rage and growled as his NetOp.

"What was that for? I could have owned some more virii if we keep busting!" He protested Kai's action of plugging him out as he really wanted to battle some more. But Kai who knew that his Navi weren't up to the task just smiled as he press his finger on the mute button. Slade madly scowl was not heard anymore eventhough his raging and yelling was displayed on the screen.

Kai went downstairs with his PET in hand, and went to the kitchen, hoping that he would grab some snacks before doing his regular routine, channel surfing.

"Aaahhh, where's my pudding....dammit! Must have eaten it yesterday...." He search through the icebox, only to find that there's nothing left inside it. "Uh, the soda ran out too...Duhh..." Sighing he looked a the PET. Slade had already exhausted from repeated yelling.

"Slade, write this down....Pudding...six...."

"Why should I?" Slade refused, still holding grudge against his NetOp.

"Because I told you so.....okay, I'll give something in exchange...maybe some new chips?" Trying to persuade his Navi by bribing, which he knew that his Navi won't probably refuse.

"....err..tch..Okay! What's the list?" Slade reluctantly agreed, though he was quite excited with the 'new chip' words. He brought out the 'Notepad' program, and jotted Kai's shopping lists. Finishing the list, Kai immediately walked out of his house, picking up his coat and keys on the way and left to the mall...and the chips store.
"Heh, the shrubbies won't stand a chance against these..." Kai giggled a bit, walking towards the two-storey building, painted in brilliant white. He was excited with the new bought chip, although his Navi wasn't quite satisfied. Slade.EXE felt that they should've bought some other type of chip, instead of the gun-typed chip.

"..Pfft, I thought you want to buy me some good chips...but this's weak!" Slade expressed his feeling, a little bit disappointed.

"Duhh, the power of chip can't be determined with it looks, but with how you use it. Even a Cannon can beat Big Brute if you used it to the fullest. And besides, I don't have enough money to buy you some uber chips."


Kai began to walk up towards his front door, thinking what he should do next. Maybe he could just take a nap...or maybe download some new anime from the NET. Whatever he planned to do, he would just stay at home that day. He reached out his hand, trying to twist he doorknob only to find that the door was locked. Weird, I don't remember locking the door...

"...What now, Kai?" Slade asked out of curiosity.

"...Nothing, I don't think I locked the door when we left..."

"You don't lock the door while we were away?!! That's stupid! What if some burglar broke in?!" The blue NetNavi exclaimed, surprised at his NetOp's 'wise' action.

"....uhh...There wouldn't be any burglar in this street, not in the day I think..."

"'re stupid...just stupid...Tell me you have the key...please...."

Kai put down his bags of snacks and began searching through his pockets. His face was quite pale as he was searching. Finally, he managed to find the card-like key in the inner side of his trenchcoat, letting out a sigh of relief as he found it. Slade let out the same sigh, too.

Slotting the key in, Kai waited as the doorlock verified the card-key. After a few second of verifying, the doorlock was yet to be unlocked. The doorlock then displayed:


"What the fuck? Wait, what happened?!" Shocked at the displayed message, Kai slotted the key again only to get the same message. He tried the third, fourth and fifth time, but it still won't worked and still displayed the darn message.

"Goddamnit! Who's been messing with the doorlock, dammit!"

"Tch, I told you...maybe some hacker or burglar did it..That's heppen when you don't loc--"

"Dammit! This is not the time for lecture! You got to jack in and fix the problem!" Kai cut in, leaving Slade trailed off in silence. Kai looked everywhere, looking for a Jack-In point. "Where's the fucking Jack-In port?!"

"I think there's under the shoe rack, your father said that it connected with your house systems and the ACDC Net, too. But I think it's firewalled.."

"Screw the firewall, I have battle chips..." Kai instantaneously pushed the shoe rack to reveal the Jack-In port. "Slade, you know what to do, Jack-In!" Immediately he pressed the 'Plug-In' button, sending a blue lazer which streamed Slade's data into the house's system.

"Huh?" Kai who had been focusing on his Navi's battle shifted his attention when the door lock suddenly flashed a series of text. A smile began to appear at the NetOp's face after noticing that he could twist the doorknob.

"Alright! Way to go!" Kai sudden exclaim shocked Slade who was just winning the battle. "You know Slade, Arch..after the last battle the door lock seemed to be unlocked for some reason."

He stopped a bit, catching his breath, before continuing his further explaination. "But the threats haven't decreased yet. The PET scanned that there's some more unknown data inside the home system, so I might still need your help Arch, Arbalest." Kai hoping into his home happily, grinning as he landed to his beloved couch. He was really glad and wanted to enjoy his comforting sofa, but interrupted by Slade's voice.

"," The Navi held out his hand, which was placing a weapon from the virii he had just fought, along with a sum of money. Kai immediately grabbed one of his blank memory chip, slotting it into his PET and started downloading the data, while the Zenny gradually transferred into his Zenny storage. While waiting for the process, the NetOp got up from the couch and picked a glass from a kitchen, pouring the juices he had just bought.

"...what matters is our vitality to survive until we can defeat the main threat to the home's system." The voice of Slade came out from the PET speaker, when Kai was just about to take a sip of the juice. He spoke out his opinion, and the suggestion was taken fully by Arch and Arbalest, as the two decided to Jack Out.

Sighing, Kai took a sip of the orange juice, and laid his back on the couch.