New Beginnings

Zeo walked down the calm streets of ACDC Town. Whether he was just lucky, or it was true, there never were many people going around ACDC. He didn't care, but sometimes it seemed a bit eerie. He shook of the feeling and pulled his PET out. Turning it on, he pressed a button, and a light shot into a small power box. Continuing to walk around ACDC, he pulled out what was left of his chips and prepared to use them if needed.
Tornado burst into his PET and was gabbing at Zeo the second he materialized. Zeo turned down the volume and sighed. After what seemed like an eternity, Zeo gave in. "Fine, fine, you can go see what's up." Tornado inhaled but stopped. Again he disappeared into the power box.

"I thought he'd never shut up."
Tornado returned to the PET, a small light beginning to tend to his wounds. He gave a little wave, and went into sleep mode. Zeo smiled and placed the PET in his holster before walking down the steps to the Metroline.

Not the world's greatest but he'll do.