The moving van had pulled up to a white house. Behind it, a small car stopped and a few people got out. One of these people was Chris Harper, a skinny teenager that looked like he was nothing special. He looked like he was nothing special because he was nothing special. He was just a sixteen year old boy who's father's job required him to move here, to ACDC Town.
Are we there yet?
Chris looked down to find that Nitro, his Net Navigator, had come out of sleep mode and was now speaking to Chris from inside his PET.
"Yeah," Chris said. "We're here."
Cool. I want to check out some of the other NetBattlers that live here. You know, get to know our competition.
"Ok. Hey Dad!" Chris called to his father. "I'm gonna go look around town."
"Ok," Mr. Harper called back from behind a box (he was helping unload the truck). "Just don't go too far. You have to help us unpack."
"Alright!" Chris had ran off.

He sat down on a nearby bench and found a terminal from which he could jack into the Net. "I'm gonna send you into the Net, ok?"
Alright, Nitro replied. We'll get to know some people before we start training.
Chris jacked Nitro into the terminal, sending him to the Net.