A New Beginning

A DenPort taxi drives by a large school building and drops off a young teenager with black hair and a black jacket. The teenager gives the driver a tip, and as the taxi drives off into the night, looks up at the forbidding building that will be his home for two years.

Kawazoe: Well, Strikeman, it's certainly been a while since we were last here.

Strikeman: Kawazoe?

Kawazoe: I'm glad I'm back, really in ACDC Town, but I can't shake the feeling that we should've stayed in Netopia.

Strikeman: Are you worried about ACDC Academy, sir?

Kawazoe: No, it's something else...never mind, Strikeman. Let's get up to our quarters. It's getting pretty late. And by the way, you don't have to call me sir.

*Enters ACDC Academy and climbs up stairs to room*

Kawazoe: Well, here it is. Looks a bit meager.

*The room is empty except for one bed, a desk, and a computer.*

Strikeman: I'm sure we can manage.

Kawazoe: You're right, I guess. But time to get down to buisness. Let's see if anything's changed in ACDC Net.

Kawazoe manually jacks in to the old computer.
Kawazoe pulls the jack plug out of the computer, and looks at his PET as Strikeman pops up on the screen.

Kawazoe: We're a little more than just rusty...

Strikeman: I'm sure with a little more practice, we'll be much better, sir.

Kawazoe: Hmm...you're probably right. It didn't look like much had changed in ACDC Net anyway. Let's see what's happening over at SciLab.

Strikeman: Sounds like a good idea, sir. We've still got a little bit of time left before classes begin.

Kawazoe: Let's go!

Kawazoe turns the lights off and leaves the room.