Continued from Trouble... but this is only Damien trying to connect to Cyber but can' the topic and find out why...Cyber is currently on the net.

Damien draopped the P.E.T. as sparks flew out from it,"wow,"he yelled backing up so fast he fell over his chair and landed on his bed,"CYBER!"yelled Damien into the P.E.T. but the only sound he got was static,"no no no cyber is alone on the net and he didn't fight any viruses and qithout battlechips he could be deleted,"gasped Damien panicing,"he can't be deleted I got to get this thing fixed....maby I can find a operater here and ask him/her for help,"said Damien running out of he house in search for an operater that could help him...or Cyber...
While Damien was running aorund he bumped dinto his dad,"dad please can oyu fix my P.E.T.,"yelled Damien.

He dad blinked,"ok...,"he muttered as he took Damien's P.E.T. and started tinkering with it and suddenly a recording of Cyber's voice said," complete Data restored,"you deleted Cyber's storage data on this thing...but its fixed now,"said Damien's Dad.

"Thanks...wait I thought you where at work,"muttered Damien.

"Oh I got of early,"said Damien's dad as he walked home.

"Cyber do you here me?"yelled Damien into the P.E.T.