Adam woke up and rolled out of bed. He let out a long sigh as the alarm went buzzing in his ear. "I don't wanna get up," He said while throwing his weight back down on his flufft sheets and pillow. Letting out a content sigh he slowly drifted back to sleep. He staied sleeping for twenty minutes before his Navi yelled at him, "Wake up!" Adam jerked up, letting his feet hanging from the edge of the bed and touch the floor. "Huh?" Aduro simply sighed and flapped his Phoneix wings, letting fire burn in the air around him. His face held stern, while staring Adam down. "We are late. Really late. Late to begin with, later now."

Adam stared with wide eyes at his Navi. His head cocked to the side. "Late? Late for wh--Shit!" Adam jumpped from bed and threw on some clothes. He grabbed his backpack with his Navi stuff and a notebook. He ran into the bathroom to brush his teeth before running out of his apartment, leaving a few zenny for his roommate. His half of the rent. Aduro scoffed and said, "How did I wind up with such a lazy op?" Adm glared at him while running down, into town. "We are late. This is supposed to be a huge party in honor of the new Netsquare. Hundreds are going to be there!"

Adam was still running at full pace down the street, and into the party area. He arrived and quickly threw his stuff down, seeing as most of the operators were already at a station and on the net. He didn't take time to notice their expressions of shock. He grabbed a few small snacks and quickly jacked Aduro in. "Go have fun!"