Raej sat against the alley-way wall and listened to the people nearby go on with their lives. He also had nothing better to do since Reaperman had left earlier to contact whoever the operator was of that strange navi he had seen months ago. Letting out a sigh, Raej adjusted his visor, made sure his PET was still firmly hooked inside his jacket, and just continued listening. But he was used to it, being blind really made you a good listener. Which is why he heard the knife click out and how he dodged it from getting round his neck. He pushed his pony tail away from his ears and he kicked the man in the knees, making the man fall and back off farther into the alley. "Don't think I'm a target 'cause I'm blind, fool." The man turned tail and dissapeared, and Raej just fixed his coat and leaned back again.
That's gotta be the third guy to try a stunt like that on me since I came to this place two months ago. he smiled as the thought went trhough his head. Suddenly, his PET beeped and his visor came to life. The world was suddenly lit up with a strange green electric light and the PET hub appeared on the visor, with Reaperman having just reformed in his home.

"So I take it you found the navi and op?" he asked.

"Yes. But he wasn't exactly himself. The navi I mean. That guy Kazuki was lucky I appeared I suppose, else his navi Pyreman would never have been reborn."

"So you showed off then? Did the whole 'bring back to life' thing? And won't that just wear off soon?"

"That's only if I make one from scratch like normal. An existing data spark just needs my touch to be reborn. But still, I hope that navi can survive what I felt in him. Whatever it was made me pause for a moment."

"Well that's new. Well we're in a new town and so lets get a feel on what their net's like. Reaperman.EXE!"

Raej pulled out his PET and aimed it at a nearby store display and sent Reaperman into the stores net area.