Valis pulled her car into the driveway of her small home the engine giving soft rumble as she lets it idle for a little while before turning the engine off. The car gives a slight hum from somewhere in the back as Valis climbed out of the gull-wing style door of her car and headed inside. She took her shoes off then headed into the living room,
"Hello? Dad?...hmm, guess he's not home yet." She then headed into the kitchen and started on some of her chores, washing the dishes and sweeping up a little before heading upstairs to her room.

After cleaning up a bit Vails turned on her computer,
"Maybe we'll give this virus busting thing a try, what do you say Armoury?"
"Sounds like it could be fun, and I'll finally know what all the other navis are talking about," replied the darkly clad zorro. Valis nodded then took her PET from her belt and plugged it into her computer,
"Just remember to watch your step, I've heard that some navis get hurt while virus busting."
"Don't worry, I can handle it," said Armoury before heading though a link to the ACDC net.