Duke shuffled along the crowds lining the busy Netopian street and made his way into the rather familiar cafe. Taking a seat near the windows, he was greeted by the ever-usual waitress and ordered the standard caramel iced coffee with milk. For Duke, this was just any other afternoon at the "newly reopened" cafe. And even though everything was a bit drab and not as fine as he liked it, there was something about the comforting air to the place that kept him coming back.

Duke set out his laptop, a rather new model his father had given him for his birthday. It was rather protected, and after the seventh block of password queries the desktop finally opened appeared. "I'm going to finish up my notes. Call on me if you need me; and please, try to stay on a safe net'." he said.

"On it!", replied the too-cheerful navi.

And after a few button presses and the key word, a beam of red light shined from the PET hanging from the teen's neck, and Vesta was sent into the net.

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