Aoi & Polonius @ Cafe

Aoi sighed as he drank a comically large milk shake as he looked at the street outside the cafe. While he did enjoy the relatively 'free' trip (which was basically 3rd class seating on a flight that needed a extra passenger to book it), his foreign job search did not go well. He managed to do a few odd jobs for the basic stuff, but getting some souvenirs were out of the question.

Not only that, he was having a bit of problem working on Yuki's new support unit. With all the work he did on Yuki, it was all simple jury rigging. He didn't make her from scratch, he just used the new navi models as a sort of template from the data of her original body. This, was making something from scratch. Something he was very, VERY bad at. Luckily, he managed to find a cheap program to help him with it, but it drove him nuts at time. Typing in the final bits of data, he pressed the finish button and began the SP's construction.

"Well, that was more hassle than it was worth. Hey Yuki, he's finish!" Yuki gave a small yawn in her PET as she rubbed her eyes. "Oh? Is this the body guard you were talking about?" Aoi smirked and gave a nod. "Yup. A nice beefy guy named Onii. Once we strengthen him up a bit, he'll be able to punch your enemies for you while you mess with the terrain. Besides, after that Fashionman bout, I have to admit, a extra hand would be nice."

Yuki gave a nod as she still remembers the fedora rim shaped slash mark she had to repair for 2 hours. "Well, no time like the present to test him out. Jack us in Aoi!" Giving a nod in return, Aoi hooked his PET into a wall port.

Polonius scratched his hair slightly as he opened the door to the Cafe. His labcoat trails behind his back as the med student sits on the stool, pondering through the menu. "Hmmm.... what to get... what to get..." he hummed to himself. DNR seemed to pop on from his PET, chuckling a bit. "You know... sometimes when I'm feeling kinda down... I order what I like to call a 'Cardiac Arrest'!"

"Cardiac Arrest? How's that?"

"Well... you first start with a Venti, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with light whip and extra syrup." DNR said as he counted each ingredient with his fingers. "Then you pour in a bit of alcohol... just one drop at least, we can't have drunks running around... Oh and then you add some cinnamon as well as five grams of sugar."

"... That... seems like a lot..." Polonius said in bewilderedment.

"Hey if it's healthy enough for me, it's doubly good for you!" DNR said with a snicker, looking through the message boards.
Giving a slight sigh, Aoi felt a bit beaten with the results of how well his Support unit turned out. Stupid cheap correction software. This what he got for going for the 50% discount. However, he was rather poor. It's not like he could pay for the fancy stuff and still eat. As he looked at his empty jug of milkshake, he sighed. It was cold, but he still felt a bit uncomfortable in this weather. Calling the server up, showed her the empty jug.

"My, you have really gone through that one in a hurry. I'm surprise you didn't get brain freeze." Aoi looked at the server. Such a weird thing to say. "Well, it was cold, but it wasn't that cold." A twinkle crossed the server's eyes. "Well then, why don't you take the Nuclear Winter challenge?" Aoi seemed to tense up at the name. Who the hell gives a drink such a name? "If you can drink our extra large, extra cold milk shake without getting a headache, your meal is free~!"

Aoi's ears perked up. "Did... you say.. 'free'?" The server only seemed to give a confident smile. Aoi however, gave a rather dark chuckle. "So all I need to do is drink a very cold drink, and I get free food? Hehehehe.. Bring it on." As the server gave a nod, she left for a moment only to return with a huge jug of the cold treat(it was almost like a mini keg). The metal container looked like it would stick to your tongue if you licked it. Aoi seemed rather giddy and the moment she said "Begin!" He seemed to work on devouring the frozen treat like a wolf getting a chunk of raw meat.

Much to the servers horror, Aoi looked up to her and held the empty mini keg. Unfazed.

"Can I have more please?"
As DNR was walking around the PETa bit, focused on a black clipboard writing in a furious manner. "That's just fantastically great... I'm being ostracized by a stuck up! Mmmhhgrrrrr..." he said in a hurried tone, pacing himself in a circular fashion. "Oh he'll feel the sting of my words... " Polonius himself, looking somewhat worried towards his navi, felt the urge to talk with his mentor.

"Hmmm... you know, perhaps this medical debate can really net you a long time friend!" Polonius said in an idealistic manner.

"Yeah... and Metools will flyyyyyy over a rainbow~ and going into Netfrica won't be suicidal." he said with a visible frown, sighing slightly. "I remember a time where people didn't go around pointing fingers like a spiky headed rookie lawyer!" He held his head as it lowers slightly, tapping the metal reflector disc on his forehead. "First those cantankerous admins decide to play a 'lovely little prank'... and now this... I'm gonna need a drink..." the navi said, wallowing.

"Mmmhhh..." Polonius only said, ordering the Cardiac Arrest himself. His memorization skills were quite formidable actually, enough to know every single aspect of DNR's explanation of the drink. The med student gave a bit of a shy look, swirling the cup around a bit, licking his lips.

"Well don't just stand there boy! Drink it!" came from DNR, which made Polonius gulp.

Before Polonius tried a sip of the frankenstenian monstrosity of a drink, he couldn't help look over towards the boy, looking at how he ate all of that oversized beverage. "Mmmhhh... I didn't think he'd be able to drink all of that..." DNR popped out of the PET as a hologram, nodding with hs usual smirk. "Myyyy... the metabolism of a teenage girl is amazing..."
DNR looked over towards Polonius in his hologram state, rubbing his temple a couple of times. "Why don't we try an old fashion medical drill Polonius... we'll start by sending me towards Beach Net. There I'll tell you exactly how this drill will work..." DNR then smiled as the med student looked back with a dumbfounded look.

Orders were orders of course, the Netopian boy jacking into the Cafe's convenient port.
"Well... that almost made this competition worthwhile..."

DNR's voice ranged as soon as his navi data reconstituted to the PET, Polonius looking at the screen. "Well..." Polonius said, getting up from the bench of the coffee shop, walking through the door. "Soo... " Polonius started as he crosses the street, looking back at his PET "It's been a while since we've seen Suitachi... what do you say for getting a couple of upgrades? Perhaps maybe do that idea you've wanted? Would be really nice to help out any friends we're with..."

"Oh yeahh... that's right.... thanks for reminding me there Polo, heheh... well don't just stand there!" DNR said as the navi shows a grin "Let's get to Scilabs!"

With that, the Med student, turned a corner, entering the Metro.