Shin & Mazer @ Cafe

"Let's see, let's see... Ah! here it is," Shin started, locating the Cafe using a map that he picked up on his way out of the Colosseum. "Excuse me~" Shin announced, opening the door and walking in, bells chiming at his arrival.

"Hmm... they left it open but they aren't here yet? I did leave a bit earlier than them," Shin mused, grabbing a seat at an unoccupied table and helping himself to a menu. "Oh! I guess they have a helper," the self-proclaimed ace commented, noticing someone managing the shop that was clearly not Louis.

A life-sized hologram of Red popped out of the Link PET that Shin set down in front of the chair next to him and sat herself down. She too perused the menu.

"Hmm... let's see what's good here... Chicken Steak... Curry... Beef-Mushroom-Vegetable Medley..." Shin mumbled to himself as Red browsed through the drink section.

"TaP Soda, Freckled Lemonade, Melon Razz Splash, Everlasting Milkshake..." the red-caped wonder listed.

They wondered if Mazer would get here soon.
Mazer walked over to the entrance of the Cafe, and noted it's small size.
"Looks... cozy."
Mazer walked in, and almost immediately recognized the short, hooded figure seated on one of the chairs. A slight flicker immediately tipped Mazer off, and he headed towards the table.
"Hi, nice to see you again Shin. How are you today, Red?"
"Heya Mazer!" Shin greeted his friend warmly. "So I heard you like menus," the self-proclaimed Ace continued, jokingly as he handed Mazer a menu.

"There's a lot of good stuff on here, but for now, I'll have something to drink. Waiter! I'll have a 100% Loyalty!" Shin called.

"Oh! And... Wait, I should go to the network version shouldn't I?" Red started, then carefully thought out something different.

"That sounds good! Plug-in! Red_Riding_Hood.exe! Transmission!" Shin said, posing dramatically before sending his navi into the computer operated tables.

"Now about our next location," Shin started, expression serious. "I haven't sent Red there myself, but I've seen the place. It's nasty, but it'll keep us in shape. You prepared?"

"Here's your 100% Loyalty!" a waiter said, placing a tall glass of orange juice in front of Shin, who gave a wry smile.

"That looks... tasty..." Shin said, grimacing.
Mazer took the menu, and opened it up as he took a seat.
"Thanks. I've never been here before, so it may take me a bit to order."

As he looked through the menu, he took his PET out of his pocket and placed it on the table after he opened a little back piece on the back panel to allow the PET to sit upright on the table.

"Hm, I guess I'll start with a TaP Soda."

Mazer closed the menu as Shin jacked Red and Myun into the network.

"Nasty? Sounds like a good challenge to me. Mach's been a little restless, so this will probably help us feel like we've prepared for this next match."
[[i]We are prepared to log in whenever you are.[/i]]
"Alright then. Machman and Aera, log in!"

Mazer pulled the retractable plug from the PET and slid it into the jack under the table surface, warping them into the Cafe's network.

((Logged in))
"Heheh, alright, I'll lead the way once their done with their drinks," Shin commented, winking as he sipped his orange juice using his straw.


"And so they've started. Get ready to enter a network unlike anything you've ever seen," Shin said, grinning as he locked onto the Yumland's Rogue Net location.
"Good luck on your match!" Shin called to Mazer as he ran out the door, food finished, bill paid, and ready to rumble.

It was time for the tournament.