Doctors and Monkeys! Do they Mix?

Aida happily walked off the metro as it made a stop outside the Colosseum. The young orange haired woman gave a look of excitement as she looked at the Colosseum. She was not expecting it to be so big.

"Checheche..." Capuchin cheeped, "So you ARE excited! Glad that I took the mission eh?"

"I j-just never been here before." Aida defended herself. "S-So we are going to fight someone e-else's've never sparred with another netop's navi before...why....the only o-ones I can think of are M-Militiaman a-and D-Dra..."

"GAH!" Capuchin as she gritted her teeth, "He thinks he's so cool! Just because he can stab me! OoOooOOOh Look at me! I'm Drakkas, I can never get a date with my girlfriend SO IM GOANNA STAB THIS GIRL FOR MY REVENGE CAUSE IM TOO BIG OF A WIMP TO ACTUALLY BE EMO AND CUT MYSELF!!!" She then began to throw air punches while showing her fangs, "WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON HIM AGAIN! I'll grind him INTO A PULP!"

"...L-lets j-just stick to the present..." Aida hesitantly said, "W-we'll focus on our opponent for today...u-umm....d-do you know who w-we are l-looking for?"

"Hrrrm...the navi said to look for someone with a labcoat on."

"Lab coat?...A-Alright then."
"Say, DNR, do you know exactly who are we going to fight?" Polonius said as he got off the metro station, looking around the area for the person. "I-I feel k-kinda sh-shaken all of a sudden f-for some reason..."

"Oh proficient poppycocks! You're scared that we're about to meet somebody? Ahahahaahahaaahhh... well this'll be a load of laughs! I told our partner how you looked, so they should be coming to us..." DNR said heartily with a snicker as Polonius looked around in the crowd.
"Hrrrrm..." Capuchin began to get lost in thought, "Why would someone wear a labcoat? Especially to a sparring match..."

"Maybe they are a s-scientist...or a doctor o-of some sort." Aida replied as she suddenlt noticed a man wearing a long white jacket. "I think that's w-who we are looking f-for." She announced as she began her way over there.

"yeah...but why to a match? Is he so busy he can't take it off...or maybe he's A CRAZY SCIENTIST....or maybe...HE'S AN EVIL MASTERMIND!!!"

"Qu-Quit being so foolish at the moment." Aida requested, "It's v-very rude...Umm E-excuse me." She quietly asked from behind Polonius, "You w-wouldn't happen to be...o-our o-opponents f-for the m-match that was r-requested?"
"Gah!" Polonius yelped as he turned around, stricken aback from the girl's actions. "I-I'm s-so sorry... I believe we a-a-a-are..."

DNR then popped up as a hologram above Polonius' PET, giggling eccstatically. "Well well... we finally met... excellent excellent... It's like staring into a twisted mirror I'd say... quaint.."

"E-errr yeah.... th-the name's P-p-p-p-polonius C-c-c-c-carbonium m-m-m-ma'am" he said with a bow as he introduced himself with a blush. "And I'm the enigmatic DNR the white blood cell, may I ask who are you and your navi?"
"N-No, i-it's alright..." Aida assured, "I-I'm sorry f-for startling you. Although I-I am v-very happy th-that we have found you." The hologram of Capuchin appeared on Aida's shoulder, looking at the two doctors with curiosity.

The monkey navi gave a toothy grin, "So these are the guys I'm fighting against?"

"U-Umm....let me introduce u-us..." Aida offered gently, "I'm A-Aida...Aida Ambridge....and th-this is m-my navi C-Capuchin." She gave a happy and pleasant look on her face believing she may enjoy this match today. "I h-hope we c-can all enjoy this match."

"Nice to meet you guys." Capuchin happily said as well while doing a backflip. "So you both are doctors or something? Cause you both fit the part..."
"Aida..... w-wait..." Polonius said snapping his fingers quickly. "I sent you that stiches program right!? Hows your navi? Is she even in a condition to fight?" he said looking worried towards the two.

DNR in the meanwhile curiously laughed as he overheard this, looking at Capuchin as he said "Well I'm his teacher in the medical arts, he's a second year med student" he said giggling a bit. "Capuchin huh?" DNR asked with a smirk "What an enchanting name m'lady... I hope we can be quite lovely acquaintances..."
"OH!" Aida gasped, "It was you? Oh thank you so very much! I was overjoyed wh-when you handed m-me that program...a-and not to worry...C-Capuchin is a quick healer....k-kinda." She gave a sigh as she thought about how Capuchin ran away when she attempted to give her the program.

Capuchin looked at DNR curiously. "So a Navi teaches a netop? Neat! You must be teaching him well if he is in his second year. I also hope we become partners...or something along those lines...and as for my name..." Capuchin did another backflip to warm up before the match, she had to make sure everything was in working order, "My name is from a species of monkey...since I am a capuchin monkey...The most amazing monkey you'd ever see." She gave a toothy grin at this.
"Well well... now I AM impressed now, Capuchin, I'd say we have dilly dallied for quite too much, let's get to sparring!" DNR said with his own toothy grin, quickly ruffling his own hair as he said "Polonius, let's get inside and set up the match huh?"

"Y-y-yes DNR..." Polonius said as he walked slowly towards the Colosseum doors, opening it for Aida as he said "L-ladies f-f-first..."
"W-Why thank you." Aida said with a smile at Polonius as she took his polite gesture.

"DNR's right! Lets hurry guys!" I wanna good battle. It's been so long since I've had one!"

"What are y-you saying?" Aida asked, "You just f-fought on a Net Police mission not t-too long ago!"

"Yeah...but it's been too long from it." The impatient Capuchin announced.
"Let's see... according to the Bulletin boards, we're up against Djinni... you have to wonder what kinda navi he or she is..." Polonius murmured to himself as he left the area.

DNR then interjected as he said "Let's check out how other people are going before we go for our own...", forming a hologram as they both entered inside.

"Well you are the boss.."

"Don't you forget it, kehehe..."