Waiting for that Guy

Yawning, Wes sat down on a bench outside the massive arean, "So, any clue what Red's netop looks like?"

"No clue, though I have an idea on how to attract his attention." Junior then activated the PET's hologram function, making it as large as possible, "Hopefully he'll spot us this way."
Shin sighed as he got off the metro and headed towards the Colosseum. He then spotted a ridiculously overt attempt to attract him.
"Well, there's Soulman Jr., Red." Shin commented as he walked towards the navi and his netop. Red gleefully projected a life-size image of herself as they walked up.
"So, you're Wes huh?" Shin commented when he was in speaking range of the netop. He then sat down beside him. "So any idea on who our thrid is?" The young man asked.
Meanwhile Red shook Junior's hand gleefully. "Hello again Junior-san!"
"Not a clue." shrugged Wes. He glanced at the arena and pointed at it with a thumb over the shoulder, "Well, I'm heading in a while. I'll see if there's any lone navi/netop duo in there who needs a team. See you inside."

"See you in there, Red-chan." Junior waved as the hologram deactivated. Then the two of them headed into the impressive structure.
Shin nodded as he deactivated the hologram and followed Wes in.
Outside the colosseum, we see a brown-skinned person in a medical school coat frantically taking very big breaths " Got . . . . .to . . . . . . find . . . . . . . entrance!" After a few double takes he finds the entrance and runs quickly towards it.
Wes sat down in front of the large building again. He glanced around for something connected to the net, then sent Junior in, "Head for.... Yoka net."
"Shit, shit, shit!" Wes yelled as he began to take off for ACDC, "If those guys show up and I'm not here, they'll be pissed! I'll try sending an e-mail and then maybe he can help as well! Damn, damn, damn! Need to help Ambridge!" And with that, he was off.
Wes took his seat again and glanced around. No one was watching, so he could operate his navi without being discovered, though without a mask, he would still need to be quiet.
"DRAMATIC BLAST!" Shin yelled as he crashed down near Wes from who knows where.
"Hey!" Shin greeted cheerfully, putting his hand up to Wes'. Meanwhile, he sent Red into the net.
Wes covered his PET mic and sighed, "Try to be a bit quieter. Without a mask, if we operate under Requiem and a chat box pops up, our secret identities won't be so secret, okay?" With communications still off, he looked down at the screen to make sure that everything was fine, "In any case, what are you going to do now? I've already joined with one regular navi, so hopefully this will get word around a bit."
"I have something planned," Shin said, now with his jacket's hood up, covering his eyes at least.


"Some potential, but not overly in the tactics department," Shin muttered as he jacked his navi out.
"There's a new post on the Internet City BBS," Red muttered, still in her costume.
"Oh, looks like a potential prospect," Shin said, examining the post. "Let's play with them, Black Rose."
"Right!" Red replied.


"Ready?" Shin asked his navi.
"Yeah!" BlackRose replied.
"Okay taichou! I'm going for another prospect! Plug-in! Red_Riding_Hood.exe! Transmission!" Shin yelled, sending his navi into the ACDC Net.
Wes pulled Junior back out of the net, "Hmmmm what to do now? Perhaps test that guy."

"You mean you might ask Timothy-kun and Nikko-san to join us?" Junior asked, changing back into normal attire.

"Might as well. A successful mission is one of the requirements. Well then, here goes." Wes brought up a screen in front of him and began messing with it. He then put it away and waited. A little while later, a response came and Wes looked it over, "Well, looks like they passed. That's good, I suppose."

"Great! The more the merrier." Junior chimed in. He then switched back into costume again, "Anyway, I'm heading back in, so back me up." Junior then logged back into the net.
Wes looked at his PET thoughtfully, then suddenly smacked Shin in the back of the head, though it wasn't hard, "Hey, the test's been cancelled. You should claim your stuff on the Colloseum BBS and then e-mail Polonius. Also.... that Stunt guy was a Rogue, right? And you're sure that he said the group he belonged to was that Tek thing?"
"R-roger..." Shin mumbled, rubbing the area on his head where Wes had hit him. He did just what he told him, except for the e-mail part.
"And yes, I know he was a Rogue, but I'm sure that he, along with this Cadence character, are part of Teksqp. Maybe we could go ask Suitachi about him? Tempoman seems to know Cadence apparently." Shin stated in reply to Wes' other question.
"Hmmm.... this Cadence fellow is not the issue. The issue is that when we met Drakkas, he claimed to be part of some other group. A V word that meant to live. Let's see.... did I make myself a note?" He looked through his PET quick, "Vivarte. That's it. This means that the Rogues are no more... at least the group. They've split up, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Of course, those are only two of the Rogues. I was told there used to be a slew of them, so which are still around and who ended up where is still up in the air. Hmmmmmm........ this information could prove valuable, though I wonder what caused them to split? Unless Stunt was the only one to leave.... we need more information."
"Right, this does pose a problem," Shin commented, folding his arms as his navi slammed wood into the Bunny Hordes. "The split was probably due to the fortress raid 7 years ago and the end result. Stunt said something along the lines of, 'I had everything when I was with Master Drakkas, but you and your buddies ruined it!' Something like that." Shin explained, still watching his battle.


"Whew," Red said as she got back into the PET and changed back into her normal appearance.
"Yeah, hope he contacts us," Shin commented. He then turned to Wes. "So what now?" the netOp asked.
"Now... I go home and sleep." Wes said with a yawn, "If you find anyone to induct, just lemme know how things go afterwards. You can find the questions, all right, I think." He then took a ride back to ACDC.

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"Later," Shin waved, as he departed for SciLabs, time for some work.